Doctors in Scotland significantly less likely to face racism at their workplace

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Research by the BMA published this week, reveals that 76% of doctors across the UK experienced racism in their workplace. The research published has no regional (sic) breakdown and is presented by the MSM as a UK-wide problem.

However, a contact at the BMA has shared this with me:

Experienced racism within the past two years

  • Scotland – 66%
  • Wales – 70%
  • Northern Ireland – 85%

The figure for England is not available but, given the size of their sample, can be safely assumed to be around the UK figure of 76%, significantly higher than in Scotland.

I agree that the Scottish figure is unacceptable too but remember that this is a self-selecting sample of only 276 out of, I’m guessing, several thousand.

2 thoughts on “Doctors in Scotland significantly less likely to face racism at their workplace

  1. Ah but ….. [from the Better Together handbook of advice in confronting data, which might be used to imply that GREAT BRITAIN FIRST at Heav’n’s command …. is in someway bad.] “we are an equitable family of nations and what is true for one is true for all. So, if the figure for the UK is 76% this means that it applies to all parts in the same way. It is ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘identity politics’ to claim that things in Scotland or Wales is better than the other parts, because bad behaviour is bad behaviour no matter where it occurs. Of course, the fact that the incidence is higher in the North of Ireland shows how bad that place is even with the civilising influence of the UK. It would be TEN TIMES WORSE (a variation of the ‘tip of the iceberg’ assertion – a rhetorical device which provides the kind of soundbite the media like to headline) if it left the UK to reunite with the rest of Ireland.”

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  2. So many people from Scotland had to migrate. The Highland Clearances. The £10 Australian voyage. Unemployment was always higher in Scotland because of Westminster bad management. Scotland depopulated by Westminster mismanagement and lies by unionists.

    Scotland has more concern for migration. They and their families have experienced it. The Westminster hypocrites are a disgrace. Cruel and misguided. Scotland a 40million diasporas. In US, Canada and Australia etc.

    Thatcher – unemployment in Scotland 15%. NI 20%. The only place unemployment was under 10% was in London S/E. Interest rates at 17%. High inflation. The Scottish revenues illegally and secretly taken. Kept secret under the the Official Secrets Act. Westminster illegal wars financial fraud and tax evasion.

    Scotland 1% black. 2% Muslim. Entirely representative at Gov level. A diverse society.

    The misguided Westminster hypocrites from migrant families. They are a disgrace.

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