BBC uses wrong data again to suggest NHS England has best emergency services

Within an otherwise devastating exposure of the crisis in NHS England, BBC News at 10pm last night, presented the above figures implying that NHS England remains better than the others in the UK.

stewartb in a comment last night demolishes this presentation:

BBC News at 22.25 on BBC 1 has just had Hugh Pym, its health editor, tell a UK audience that both NHS England and NHS Scotland had a similar, c. 70-73% performance against the 4 hour A&E waiting time target.

This is just so blatantly misleading! The latest report today from NHS England has stated clearly: ‘60.2% OF PATIENTS WERE SEEN WITHIN 4 HOURS IN TYPE 1 A&E DEPARTMENTS compared to 59.0% in April 2022, 76.3% in May 2021 and 79.0% in May 2019.’ The latest figure for the equivalent, i.e. ‘main’ A&E sites in NHS Scotland is 69.6%. So quite a lot better?

There can be NO WAY that the BBC and its expert, Pym does not know about differences in definition and their significance. The BBC is hiding the true extent of the performance issues regarding the main A&E departments in NHS England. OK that’s up to BBC licence payers in England to complain about – but the BBC pulling NHS Scotland into this misrepresentation, to gaslight Scotland is beyond the pale! I fear we are powerless to stop this dripping poison!

This has happened before. In October 2021, we saw this:

and I wrote:

BBC News today is using the wrong A&E figures again to suggest the other nations are in the same sinking boat.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this use of the wrong data. The correct figure should be 64% for NHS England.


In February 2020, I explained:

Only Type 1 A&E departments are full resuscitation, consultant-led and comparable with those in the rest of the UK. Type 2 and 3 are small drop-in minor injury sections in hospital with no A&E. NHS England, alone, collect the data for these and use them to generate fake data which much of our MSM just accept. The Guardian, the Independent and Channel 4 have changed after being contacted by ‘us.’ I’ve explained to several BBC reporters but they ignore the evidence.

And, NHS England A&E data, even if they use only the directly comparable Type 1 data, are further fiddled:

NHS England also has the dubious practice of restarting the clock after patients are admitted whereas in Scotland counting continues from first arrival. See this:


6 thoughts on “BBC uses wrong data again to suggest NHS England has best emergency services

  1. This report is all the more surprising because it is only 3-4 days ago that the RCEM issued a report saying waiting times in English A&E’s were much worse than actually reported. The BBC must know this because the report was widely reported in the media. If I remember correctly I even posted a link to it on one of the Prof’s previous articles.

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  2. yes we are powerless to stop the deluge of propaganda from the BBC, but we can highlight it, I’ve posted the article on the BBC Scotland News fb page.

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