Did Labour let the Tories have the top Cosla job back in the day?

THE SNP has claimed the top job at the umbrella organisation representing councils locked in a funding row with the Scottish Government. Opponents have warned that the move is “another hammer blow to Scotland’s savagely underfunded councils”.


Now, the SNP run 15 of the 32 councils, Labour 10, Conservatives 5 and Lib Dems 5 so does an SNP convenor seem fair?

What happened back in the day when Labour ran more than 20 councils and the Scottish Government? Was that a problem? Did they let the Tories or the Lib Dems take the top job?


3 thoughts on “Did Labour let the Tories have the top Cosla job back in the day?

  1. Well, as a matter of fact, back in the days of the Regions, when Labour were the overwhelming majority in Strathclyde and a pretty radical Labour group controlled Lothian, with places like Fife and Central also with Labour majorities, I think there was only one Tory controlled Region, Tayside. A nTory from Tayside was made convenor of COSLA.


  2. This is just girning. “Politicians act in own self interest” is about as sensible a report as “Dog bites man”. Labour’s problem is that if that role had gone to anyone other than someone from the SNP they could have used it to cause problems, real or imaginary. In the same circumstances I have little doubt they would have done the same.
    So in reply to Anon, when Labour, back in the day, ran most of Scotland like a one-party state, it wouldnt be a good look to have it appear that way. Your Conservative, elected as head of COSLA, could do what exactly, given the numbers there (ie mostly Labour)? Sit at the top of the table and bang his gavel? Sure, he could go on TV and bump his gums, BUT if he was asked about COSLA’s position on anything that was what he had to repeat.


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