SNP Warned? Herald’s stupid or sneaky reporting of alcohol deaths?

From David Bols, headlining in the Herald today:

SNP ministers are overseeing an “addictions crisis” amid concerns alcohol-related deaths are not being tackled with the same urgency as Scotland’s record drug deaths. A leading charity has called for a “proportionate response” to alcohol deaths, alongside drug-related fatalities.

A quick look at the NRS data used by the Herald reveals this to be about 2020, a year of lockdowns when there was a spike in alcohol deaths triggered by increased consumption in those difficult times. The data for 2021 will not be published until August 2022.

So this is a spike with clear causes and not a trend justifying the claims of the ‘leading charity’ nor of Bols. The more informative, more meaningful, 5 year average is flat.

Bols also claims that 2020 recorded the ‘highest annual number since 2008.’ He’s correct but sneakily selective on this. Look only two years earlier at the graph’s real peak in 2006 (under Labour) instead and, in the absence of the 2021 data, the 2020 spike means little.

5 thoughts on “SNP Warned? Herald’s stupid or sneaky reporting of alcohol deaths?

  1. It’s questionable whether it’s Bols or from the other side of David Bol, but from his framing of the opening comment “SNP ministers are overseeing an “addictions crisis”…” it’s fairly obvious the intent is to convey administrative myopia in Government rather than the systems which actually tackle the issues on the ground being strangled by reduced HMG funding.

    The usual suspects are evidently scrambling for any negativity they can muster in light of Indyref2 expectations, by the time the story is debunked the lie has been seeded as the news, and featured on “What the papers say”.
    This headlining technique is a regular feature of HMS James Cook, it’s not necessarily the story that matters, rather than the news they would rather you NOT discuss crowded OFF the page.

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    1. You have hit the nail on the head, Bob. It is not the actual subject that led to the story that matters to the media, it is the sleekit nasty and pointless point-scoring. They could not give a monkey’s about the people who are dying as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. In fact, the more people who die the better it is for their baleful purposes.

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  2. Scottish Gov funding alcohol/drug additional facilities £250million over 5 years. £50Million a year.

    Scotland started from a higher consumption level. 25% more than the rest of the UK. (Historical) Now going down. MUP. Lower drink drive legislation introduced.

    More total abstinence, one chance, rehab facilities will reduce drink/drug deaths.

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  3. An English Owned paper with the cheek to comment Scottish Matters



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