BBC Scotland headline is simply untrue!

From stewartb

To draw attention to an example of a carefully crafted headline – an example of BBC Scotland’s public service!

The problems on Scotland’s railways caused by ASLEF’s dispute with Scotrail will affect fans attending the international match at Hampden this evening. Scotrail has issued a statement on its website which provides information and clarity over what services it can and cannot provide.

Its Head of Customer Operations has said: “We’re adding extra carriages to services to help customers get to the game; however, trains are expected to be very busy, so we’d encourage people to travel to the stadium early if they can.’

And for return journeys: “Customers should be aware that the last trains of the night will depart Mount Florida before the final whistle, so we urge fans to plan ahead, check their journey, and CONSIDER THEIR TRAVEL OPTIONS FOR HEADING HOME.’ (my emphasis)

BBC Scotland frames this rather differently on the BBC News website. See

This is what we find online:
1. The headline: ‘ScotRail advises fans to leave Scotland game early’.

2. The BBC’s report of the statement from ScotRail’s head of customer operations referred to earlier – ‘consider their travel options for heading home’.

The headline is simply untrue! It would of course have been a crass statement to make. It would have been likely to annoy if not rile fans more than the absence of a train service IF Scotrail had actually said ‘we advise Scotland fans to leave the match at Hamden before the final whistle.’ So unsurprisingly, Scotrail didn’t say that!

That doesn’t stop BBC Scotland performing its ‘public service’!


9 thoughts on “BBC Scotland headline is simply untrue!

  1. The Scotsman has the same thing in its headline. I’ve just written to them to complain. I’ll let you know what I hear back, assuming I get a response.

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  2. What I and I’m sure many others would like to know is why the Scot Gov is not challenging this continuous distortion of the news and what response they have to this latest tripe. It is utterly disgraceful and shameful that Scots are not getting a broadcaster that they can rely on to give accurate information.

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  3. BBC Hi Jack’s Northern Territory “news”–

    “Repressing Scotland. Its fibs and its lies.
    Endless Brit pundits, eijits and spies.
    They scour the country fur a wean that cries.
    SNPBAD—-and all that implies.
    A tale of despair, is what they devise.
    but Scots are too smart, too knowing and wise,
    As revert tae the Britnat–‘Pie in the Skies’.

    (Though, I am quite partial, tae pie, beans and fries)”!

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    1. I don’t believe any of the recent polls regarding support for Independence.
      How can the SNP increase their vote after each election but they’re telling us that support is falling. Aye Right!
      Although this article is about Jeremy Corbyn it proves to me that they are skewing the polls in their favour since the poll on 58% sent the fear of god into them.
      Why else would Gove refuse to release the poll that only the cabinet have seen, another document that will go the way of the McCrone report?

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  4. £Billions spent on HS2, including Scottish funds. A Scottish rail link has been scrapped. London Transport is totally subsidised with public money. Journey times in Scotland take twice as long as in the South. Cutting journey times in Scotland would cut journey times throughout Britain and be more economical. Cut flights. Scotland has been underfunded for years.

    The Polling companies have been corrupted for years. In tight margins they are paid illegally to influence the result. Cambridge Analytica. Facebook is being sued in the US for aiding corrupt electoral practices. Brexit vote hedge funds made £Millions manipulating the result. The Polling companies have been censored and fined for years, including the Polling association headed by an academic. Making £Millions and getting knighthoods. To fool the public. The Vow etc.


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