A pile of anecdotes

and epilepsy, face long delays for diagnosis and treatment, according to a group of health charities. The Neurological Alliance also claims there’s a crisis in mental health support.

The evidence for the above comes from a UK-wide survey, promoted by the Neurological Alliance, a campaigning charity, developed to confirm what it already believes to be the case. They admit that they ‘promoted’ the survey to those they wanted to complete it.

This is simply a pile of anecdotes and not reliable research findings any government agency might use to inform policy.

This is a UK-wide survey with no Scottish breakdown of the data.

Reporting Scotland, based on BBC guidelines should be telling us this.


One thought on “A pile of anecdotes

  1. BBC, England’s propaganda unit operating in Scotland, can’t allow facts to get in the way of a good scare story. They really are a good distraction from the cabal running the show in London. What did people do before the internet, they had no choice but to be fed lies and fabrications by the English government. Didn’t the EngGovs’ new ‘security’ act just get past it’s second reading, whereby journalists with connections to foreign news outlets can be locked up for life?
    Surely that would include the likes of Johnson and some of his cabinet of curiosities!


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