There ARE enough GP’s ‘in Scotland’

and there aren’t enough GPs in Scotland.

The BBC Scotland claim, to be repeated many times today, is not of course evaluated and, then is repeated by a GP. Maybe there is a shortage in Dumfries. Maybe its Tory politics and flood of demanding middle-class English immigrants is distorting the national picture BBC Scotland knows all too well because they published this in 2019:

In 2022, I’d suggest the gap is greater. The supply in Scotland has increased:

The headcount of GPs in Scotland as of September 2021 is 5,195. This is a rise of 74 GPs compared to last year. Prior to 2018, the headcount of GPs had remained fairly constant at around 4,900 since 2011. After 2018, the number of male GPs levelled out while the number of female GPs increased. This resulted in an increase of 209 GPs from 2018 to 2021

Are there not enough researchers at BBC Scotland?


3 thoughts on “There ARE enough GP’s ‘in Scotland’

  1. There are Loads of researchers within Pacific Quay and plenty more at
    ABC ( BBC ) HQ.
    The problem is that all are controlled from the very top and strongly pointed in
    A most certain direction ( issued with directives )
    And we know full well all eyes and ears point to Baddddd SNP
    This inevitably leads to researchers operating with
    A ” closed mind ”
    And as far as quality informative research is concerned, one may liken such to a parachute
    And both are absolutely fecking useless, until they

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  2. I am afraid that the only thing that can now be described as accurate from BBC Scotland is the weather segment.

    BBC Scotland has gone from the occasional “Lets see if we cam slip this innuendo in as news”, to just constant downright lying, omission of facts or context.

    I do wonder what more they can do as their efforts are not turning folk against the the SNP or Greens. Instead, more and more are pissed off paying for this rubbish and cancelling their TV Licence.

    Maybe the BBC Scotland will “reveal” or “admit” the number of listeners / viewers..

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