Scotland has fewer with weight problems than England or Northern Ireland

Reporting Scotland eager as ever to talk us down, neglect to make the obvious comparison, with rUK.

In England 64.2% of adults were obese (28%) or overweight (36.2%) in 2020. In Scotland, the figure was 62.2% (27.5%, 34.7%). The figure for Northern Ireland was 65% (27%, 38%). The data for Wales is not comparable.


3 thoughts on “Scotland has fewer with weight problems than England or Northern Ireland

  1. O/T

    SG no longer has devolved health.
    Whenever I write my MSP regarding Evusheld for those of us who cannot make antibodies I get the same story:
    “To let you understand it’s the UKHSA.”

    Why is UKHSA (successor to Public Health England) blocking the roll out of Evusheld in Scotland given the drug has MHRA approval?

    After MHRA the Scottish Medicines Consortium should be the next stage. 

    In the past SG has not shied from overuling SMC.

      In 2019 the Scottish Government overruled SMC to provide a drug for cystic fibrosis without interference from the likes of UKHSA. Both SMC and NICE in England had decided it was not cost effective. Nevertheless those who needed it got the drug in Scotland.

    Why cannot the same be done now with Evusheld used in Spain France USA Canada and many others?

    Public Health Scotland now answers to UKHSA(Public Health England)


    1. Seems there may be more to this.

      From the ‘I’ online newspaper on 18 March 2022: ‘Less than 24 hours after AstraZeneca’s Evusheld was approved by the UK regulator it emerged that the Government has not ordered a single dose.’

      From the Mail on Sunday, UPDATED: 11:12, 28 April 2022 referring to the Westminster government and NHS England:

      ‘Health chiefs stand accused of abandoning vulnerable patients after it emerged they have failed to purchase a life-saving anti-Covid drug designed to protect those who don’t respond to the vaccine.

      ‘The drug, brand name Evusheld, was approved by UK regulators last month and has been rolled out in other countries, including the US and France.’

      The article adds what’s facing patients: ‘… will be unable to access drug, which is estimated to cost £800-per-dose, on the NHS or privately, as there are no stocks available in the UK.‘

      ‘A spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Care said: ‘The UK Health Security Agency is carrying out Government-funded testing on Evusheld’s effectiveness against the Omicron variant. We will closely monitor these results, which will inform decisions on next steps including procurement.’

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