Queen Elizabeth University Hospital one of safest in Scotland


The QEUH, Scotland’s largest hospital and the regular target of the opposition parties trying to turn one or two deaths, challenged only by relatives, into scandals, has emerged from real evidence as one of the safest in Scotland.

Based on their challenging circumstances in a large urban area with greater than average poverty, alcohol, drug and lifestyle problems, 3 225 deaths were predicted for 2021 but only 2 934 happened. This suggests, with other factors, of course, that the QEUH is overperforming, saving more lives than might be expected.

For the period January 2021 to December 2021 no Scottish hospitals had a significantly higher
standardised mortality ratio than the national average ie under the upper orange line.
QEUH and 5 others did significantly better than expected.

In England, 12 trusts had a higher than expected number of deaths.  Of these 12 trusts, 5 also had a higher than expected number of deaths for the same period in the previous year.


BBC England has shown no interest in the above scandals.

9 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth University Hospital one of safest in Scotland

  1. Thanks John, something to send to Anas Sarwar but also refreshing to read after today’s “news” . Disgusted, furious, sickened by what I’ve heard and read today, thankfully I know Scotland and all our MSPs are head and shoulders above the spineless hypocrites currently running Westminster

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      1. If they have been told, they will NOT broadcast such news. The Daily ~Record makes no mention of pigeon shit. As far as BBC Scotland is concerned, this is being swept under the carpet! A bunion consultant who had dinner with John Beattie said she had never seen maintenance lackeys lifting carpets to see what’s under them.


  2. Once again, we are all in your debt for the supply of this and similar articles. These facts are very useful in countering the very selective outpourings of the very biased media. Invaluable information John, thank you.

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