Queen Elizabeth University Hospital does far better than reported

If you’re going to say you’re journalists, you’ll need to do a whole lot better.

Today BBC Scotland have:

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital records worst A&E waiting times


They know it’s stupid, I’m sure, but BBC Scotland and the press love to jump on a bad one-week stat to get a headline.

One week variations, as our Stats Correspondent, Jamie (12) insists, are meaningless.

The 20 November figure of 35.1% follows figures of 42.3%, 45.6% and 40.8% giving a four-week average of 41%.

Public Health England only publishes monthly, but in September 2022, 8 NHS England trusts did less well than QEUH. No part of BBC England News has shown any interest in these figures. Had they, neither the English Health Secretary nor his shadow would have got a word in.

For better quality public service reporting on the QEUH, try this:


4 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth University Hospital does far better than reported

  1. So at the new Southern General Hospital (aka Queen Elizabeth University Hospital) in mid November: ‘JUST 63.1% of patients were dealt with in the four-hour target time.’ – and that’s ‘THE WORST A&E waiting time figures on record.’ (with my emphasis)

    No doubt the ‘challenge’ gets greater as winter proceeds. And if so, how will NHS England’s equivalent A&E centres cope? After all back in October 2022, this was NHS England’s performance:

    ’54.8% OF PATIENTS WERE SEEN WITHIN 4 HOURS IN TYPE 1 A&E DEPARTMENTS compared to 56.9% in September 2022, 61.9% in October 2021 and 74.4% in October 2019. THIS IS THE LOWEST REPORTED PERFORMANCE SINCE THE COLLECTION BEGAN.’

    Source: https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/11/Statistical-commentary-October-2022-cftre1.pdf

    Note that the Southern General’s worst ever (63.1%) is better by some margin than NHS England’s overall performance in October, 2022 (54.8%) and in September 2022 (56.9%) and even in October 2021 (61.9%)!

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    1. Stewartb,
      I think the 63.1% figure is for all A&Es in Scotland not the QEUH. From PHS website:
      “”During week ending 20 November 2022:

      There were 25,465 attendances at Emergency Departments in NHSScotland.
      63.1% of ED attendances were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.””

      In the article above the figure for QEUH is quoted as 35.1%


      1. 👍 thanks for pointing out my error! My last para should read:

        ‘… the NHS Scotland figure (63.1%) is better by some margin than NHS England’s overall performance in October, 2022 (54.8%) and in September 2022 (56.9%) and even in October 2021 (61.9%)!’

        Based on NHS England data for October 2022, eight Type 1 A&E departments had 4 hour waiting time performances between c. 33% and 39%.

        This includes the large A&E department at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (34.9%) which had c.7,000 attendances per week during October.

        As far as I can ascertain, the BBC does NOT present as ‘bad news’ individual NHS England hospital or trust A&E waiting times.

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  2. Indeed John, incontinent pigeon HQ (aka HMS Hames Coke) appear to have become so embarrassed by continuing this farce that they retired the article in just over 5 hours, https://archive.ph/oS8Yd less time than it takes to get a quote from Tsunami Baillie or Dr Slick despite being on speed-dial, they’ve grown increasingly desperate….
    This the HMS Hames Coke’s “Scotland/Politics” webpage https://archive.ph/aenB8
    This the translated version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IsSpAOD6K8

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