Right! I won’t use my bus pass till the ferries are fixed

of their chauffeur-driven cars until the rail dispute is resolved. At question time in the Scottish Parliament concerns were raised about how tens of thousands of passengers would get to and from work and to events like the Scottish football against Ukraine, next Wednesday.

Who raised the concerns and made this stupid suggestion? Ana Sarwar of course. The Tories love their cars.

Why are ministers using these cars? Covid?

Reporting Scotland have, of course, repeated Anas’ daft connection as if it made sense. My headline is comparably clever.

Readers are invited to come up with more.

Oh, and don’t the chauffeurs look after the keys?


4 thoughts on “Right! I won’t use my bus pass till the ferries are fixed

  1. Only the BBC in Scotland would air such nonsense from Sarwar, had it come from a SNP MSP they’d be taking the mickey out of it…

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  2. snp – scotish independence party more like, not the scottish national party./ crap crap crap, – she has ruined my country I hate her hate her hate her, from her smug stupid grin to her high heels. I hope that England will say “good riddance to bad rubbish” and give her what she wants, because that it what we have become “bad rubbish”

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