Spot it?

Picture: Parliament TV

By stewartb

The House of Commons Library serves MPs by providing them with briefing packs relevant to upcoming Commons’ debates. Today’s briefing pack raised a ‘smile’!

First we learn: ‘On Monday 16 May 2022, there will be a debate in the Commons chamber, linked to the Queen’s Speech. The proposed subject for this debate is “Making Britain the best place to grow up and grow old”. ‘


Then helpfully MPs are informed: ‘The following existing House of Commons Library briefing papers provide background for the debate’.

The list of existing papers is reproduced below. Note anything in particular about the briefing papers for MPs preparatory to this debate ‘on Britain’?

– ‘March 2022 schools white paper (England) – relevant to the planned Schools Bill, and proposals to move to a fully academy trust-led system’

– ‘School funding in England – information on the National Funding Formula (NFF) for schools and the planned completion of reforms in this area’

– ‘Home Education in England – information on the current legislative framework and Government plans to introduce compulsory registers of children not in school’

– ‘The Post-18 Education and Funding Review: Government conclusion – relevant to the planned Higher Education Bill’: this links to a briefing with this ‘The Government has concluded its review of post-18 education and funding and announced changes to England’s student finance system.’

– ‘The white paper on reforming the Mental Health Act – background for the planned Draft Mental Health Act Reform Bill’: this links to a briefing with this: ‘The Government’s White Paper on Reforming the Mental Health Act, published on 13 January 2021, contains wide-ranging proposals to reform the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended in 2007) in England and Wales.’

– ‘Proposed reforms to adult social care (including cap on care costs)’: this links to a report with ‘In September 2021, the Government set out plans to reform adult social care in England’.

Spot it?


9 thoughts on “Spot it?

  1. If Scotland’s not part of their ‘Britain’, how come they keep taking our resources to the tune of £trillions as a freebie, taking Scotland’s huge revenues and sending a few crumbs back, saying be grateful, slaves, lol!

    When was Scotland removed from ‘Britain’? It kind of looks official…

    Also, ‘grow up and grow old’? I suspect many young folk will be looking to leave ‘Britains’ (England and Wales) shores in order to actually have a chance of ‘growing old’! Might they ditch ‘Britain’ for Scotland?

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  2. It means we are all subjects of the English Crown.

    Wales gets mentions as part of “England and ….”, but the North of Ireland and ourselves do not merit a mention. For the DUP, actually being deemed English might be agreeable, but I am not sure others in that part of the World will be. Lord ffor-ffoulkes-sake will be happy that us whingeing Jocks don’t get a mention. Some of us deluded people think we speak an imaginary language called “Scots”.

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  3. The problem is that the Anglo/British cannot differentiate between England, Britain, UK .
    This is true of their parliament, their press, their media and to some extent a sizable amount of English people who have been brainwashed into this thinking for decades by the way the news is presented.
    Countryfile yesterday had a piece about how the ‘UK’ could run out of fresh water by 2050, 1 minute in the ‘UK’ had became England running out of fresh water and how, and I quote: “Sources from elsewhere in the UK would have to be utilised to provide water WHERE IT IS NEEDED”.
    It has became so normal now that they do not even realise that they are doing it or for that matter even care that this program is shown nationally.
    They submerged a whole village in Wales to supply fresh water to Manchester and Liverpool and Loch Ness itself has more fresh water than all the lakes and rivers in England and Wales combined.
    We know what’s coming next as Artyhetty mentions above “Another Freebie”.
    They may even create a ‘National Grid’ for water and charge us for supplying them, just as they do with our renewable energy.

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  4. The first thing that will be mooted is that both Education and Health are devolved. This leads us to assume that England really needs its own Parliament to avoid any further controversay.

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