8% of the population but only 3% of the planned Queen’s jubilee events

Queen Elizabeth’s portrait beside that of her painter, Lucian Freud

As support for the monarchy falls to 45% in Scotland in a recent poll, the Guardian reports that there are 98 planned platinum jubilee events expected in Scotland out of a total 3 233 for the UK as a whole.

They don’t do the arithmetic that occurs to me. That’s only 3% of the total.

BBC Scotland have gone silent on the matter but I see Kirsty Young is to return the BBC for the celebration.





12 thoughts on “8% of the population but only 3% of the planned Queen’s jubilee events

  1. QE 11.
    Prince of Wales.
    Duke of Cambridge.
    Duke of York.
    Duke of Sussex.
    Earl of Wessex.
    Pus the weans, dugs and hingers-on.

    All these titles are relevant only to England’s history.

    The royal family all live in England (except Harry, who probably has no royal blood), and “visit” Scotland (where they use “ghetto” titles), Wales and N Ireland.

    This is an English royal family and Scotland must follow Commonwealth countries and become Republics.

    No doubt our colonial “Scottish” media will be their usual fawning, belly-crawling selves, hoping for a wee bauble in the next “Honours” list.

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  2. What surprised me was the 21 parties in “loyal” NI. There must be way more than 21 marching bands and way more Orange lodges. It underlines the hypocrisy, Loyalty doesn’t seem to stretch to actually celebrating their actual leaders Birthday. I suppose it is difficult to hate when you are wading knee deep in Pimms and Trifle.

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  3. O/T The House of Commons Library serves MPs by providing them with briefing packs relevant to upcoming Commons’ debates. Today’s briefing pack raised a ‘smile’!

    First we learn: ‘On Monday 16 May 2022, there will be a debate in the Commons chamber, linked to the Queen’s Speech. The proposed subject for this debate is “Making Britain the best place to grow up and grow old”. ‘

    Source: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cdp-2022-0089/

    Then helpfully MPs are informed: ‘The following existing House of Commons Library briefing papers provide background for the debate’.

    The list of existing papers is reproduced below. Note anything in particular about the briefing papers for MPs preparatory to this debate ‘on Britain’?

    – ‘March 2022 schools white paper (England) – relevant to the planned Schools Bill, and proposals to move to a fully academy trust-led system’

    – ‘School funding in England – information on the National Funding Formula (NFF) for schools and the planned completion of reforms in this area’

    – ‘Home Education in England – information on the current legislative framework and Government plans to introduce compulsory registers of children not in school’

    – ‘The Post-18 Education and Funding Review: Government conclusion – relevant to the planned Higher Education Bill’: this links to a briefing with this ‘The Government has concluded its review of post-18 education and funding and announced changes to England’s student finance system.’

    – ‘The white paper on reforming the Mental Health Act – background for the planned Draft Mental Health Act Reform Bill’: this links to a briefing with this: ‘The Government’s White Paper on Reforming the Mental Health Act, published on 13 January 2021, contains wide-ranging proposals to reform the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended in 2007) in England and Wales.’

    – ‘Proposed reforms to adult social care (including cap on care costs)’: this links to a report with ‘In September 2021, the Government set out plans to reform adult social care in England’.

    Spot it?

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    1. This is the parliament that boasts it has a “thousand year” history.

      Many of the procedures (that weren’t 19TH century inventions) date from before the Union, and should have been put in the bin, as both the English and Scottish parliaments were supposedly abolished.

      The media often fudge the “UK parliament’s thousand years” as relevant to us all.

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    2. Looks like they are going to be privatising education in England, ‘academy trust led system’. Hmm.

      A cap on social care funding, and ‘compulsory register of children not in school’.
      Home education is legal England, and a register should not be necessary at all, because any child not in ‘school’ is carefully monitored by the LEA and there are certain legal requirements regarding home education. Most parents want their children in an institution sat at a desk all day, not spending their precious time facilitating their child’s educational needs according to their ‘age, aptitude and ability’ which the schools do so incredibly well of course. Not!
      I’m sure England’s home education groups will have something to say about a ‘register’ which sounds a bit ominous quite frankly.

      Reform of the mental health act, oh oh…depends what they mean and who is involved in those ‘reforms’.

      Removing student finance, do students in England have any right to any finance as it is now?

      Yep, England=’Britain’, Britain = England.

      Scotland is in the UK? Scotland is not a part of ‘Britain’? I’m confused can Scotland just extract itself from the scarily dysfunctional and bizarre so called UK/Britain/great Britain, pronto please!

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  4. I know of one party planned for the ‘Jubilee’, by the committee at our allotments it combines with a site clean up skip day, hmm, maybe the butchers apron could be dumped as well lol!
    I find it insulting quite frankly, so I’ll make sure to wear my Saltire badges and mask and will hang the Saltire from my wee shed.

    That Lucien Freud portrait does appear to capture the essence of the miserable greedy, selfish trougher, it’s dreadful, is it an official portrait?

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  5. As we’re on royal matters in this thread, I ask your indulgence to promote a Guardian article. It’s a review of the first (?) big set piece Jubilee celebration event as broadcast on TV. Priceless!

    See https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/may/16/more-stunts-maverick-even-tom-cruise-couldnt-save-the-queens-hellish-jubilee-horsefest?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0v0yZI3nHWnWi38AxruXkenYcKc_lZhUPrBqkpsu5Uo9yYHkUj2KHb92I#Echobox=1652721612

    It includes this as one among many notable observations by the author: ‘.. your enjoyment of the night largely depended on how much you like watching lines of horses make geometric shapes. “This is a very difficult routine,” commentator Phillip Schofield told us again and again, as we were treated to the sight of several horses walking around a vast dirt area in a rectangle. Or in a circle. Or going quite fast, or going relatively slowly. Or, in one showstopping moment, temporarily lying down before getting back up again.’

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