Yes, Scotland has racism but far less than some others

There were 3 285 charges relating to race reported in Scotland in 2020/21 and I’m sure many more incidents not reported. There is racism in Scotland, I’m ashamed to say. There is probably some institutional racism in, for example, parts of the police force but none of that makes Scotland an essentially racist country.

A ‘racist country’ surely is one where racist violence is common and endemic and where the institutions of the state are based upon it.

None of the above is true of Scotland.

England & Wales with around 3 times, pro rata, the level of racially motivated crime and, I’d argue, greater concerns about it police forces, are not racist countries.

You could argue that many non-European countries are institutionally, systematically, racist because some minorities are denied access to state employment and education and there are repeated massacres of them . I won’t name any for fear of trolling but across Africa, the Middle East and perhaps even in the Southern US states there are examples.

To characterise Scotland as fully racist is deeply ill-informed.


8 thoughts on “Yes, Scotland has racism but far less than some others

  1. I heard the interview on the radio. The interview was designed to prompt Ms Johnson and encourage her to make a non nuanced sweeping statement.

    She and her family have been treated very badly by sections of Police Scotland over seven years since the death of her brother. It seems clear that some officers are observing a kind of ‘omertà’ which means that evidence is being suppressed. So, her anger and statement are understandable and, from her perspective, justifiable.

    I support, unequivocally, her and others’ attempts to get at the truth of what happened.

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  2. On the same programme, the opening, in addition to the family of Mr Bayoh, we were told that a new ScotRail timetable was starting. “What disruption will this cause?” Impartial? Objective?

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  3. Shoddy journalism, from a shoddy broadcaster.
    Leading the “witness” down the road the BBC wanted.

    The Daily Mail with pictures.

    What next? Remember this one from the Sunday Sport……………..
    “Hitlers plane found on the moon”!

    This is where the BBC that operates in Scotland is heading.

    BBC Scotland’s Jimmy Wrinkle interviews Nigel Faragistan..
    “Nigel, do you think Scotland is a dreadful, racist, pauper nation and doomed without the Union”?

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  4. Really saddened by this actually. Obviously the death at the hands of the police of Sheku Bayoh is absolutely horiffic and I hope investigations end with justice being served. It has to be so.

    Generally Scotland is no more racist than anywhere else in the UK. The daily rags revel in cases where people have suffered or died, the daily rags are rotten to the core they really are, in their attempts to portray Scotland as narrow nationalist, racist, poor of morals and lacking in conscience. It’s so clearly British Nationalist projection, but it partly works so they keep doing it.

    Scotland has changed so much in the last thirty years since I came to live north of the border, and is much more diverse now. The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon especially has worked hard to make Scotland a welcoming country, to make it internationalist,
    to be inclusive and not exclusive. That cannot be said about much of south of the border, and England’s Brexit is the epitomy of a British Nationalist/English Nationalist agenda and a narrow inward looking political arena. No thanks!

    Scotland is outward looking and inclusive, and the general message from Scotland’s democratically elected government is to welcome all who choose to live in Scotland and also those who are forced out of their own country(s).

    It would be good to see a comparison made between what Scotland was like prior to the SNP, (who have not had long really to repair the damage of years of English rule) in terms of poverty, health inequality, unemployment, demographics, diversity of population etc. I bet there would be a stark contrast. It will take many more years of hard work to repair the damage to Scotland’s communities, economy, and mindset as well as in terms of self esteem.

    A narrow nationalist Britain or UK or whatever people want to call it, is not the path that Scotland has chosen, and only independence will stop that backward looking stance/policy from raising it’s ugly head, because we can be assured that were any Eng/BritNat party to ever get near power at Holyrood again, they would reverse the progress that has been made in Scotland in the past few years, to decolonise, and to remove the negative and belittling imagery projected onto the people of Scotland.

    The BritNats are othering Scotland, it’s sinister and dangerous, and they know that.

    Ps, when we first came to live in Scotalnd we’d drive to Glasgow and see a sign written on the bridge politely saying ‘English go home’. Oh, I thought! A few years later and I thought, ‘yeah, fair enough I can see where they were coming from with that!’

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  5. 1% of Scotland are black. 3% are Asian.

    A shop in Penicuik was once covered in racist slogans. Quite shocking. Pure ignorance.


  6. There is a campaign offering half price rail fares.

    The number of migrants family (Tory) politicians, against migrants is unbelievable. Total hypocrites. Johnston was born in US. A migrant. The Royals are a migrant family. English, Scottish, German and Greek.

    The US/UK illegal wars caused migration worldwide. Then politicians used the migration to support Brexit. Without taking responsibility for the problems they had caused. Instead of bombing the world to bits providing illegal weaponry. They should be rebuilding the chaos they have caused. The UK have been providing Saudi with illegal arms since the 1960’s. Westminster has kept it secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq war kept secret for 100 years.


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