Poorest households in Scotland getting £150 energy rebate

From BBC UK:

Some of the poorest households in England and Wales are struggling to access council tax rebates to help offset their soaring energy bills, a charity has warned.

Councils were expected to start paying the £150 rebates from April, when the energy price cap went up by £693 for the average household, leaving many struggling to pay their bills.

The BBC contacted 32 billing authorities in Scotland. 25 responded to confirm that the £150 is not rebated but instead credited onto the council tax bill, making monthly payments lower for the forthcoming financial year. Those exempt from paying council tax in Scotland can apply for a cheque.


So, in Scotland, straight off, the benefit is felt as a result of a more efficient approach as Finance Minister Kate Forbes made clear in February:

Ms Forbes said this was “clearly an imperfect scheme”, but said it was “the only route we have to make sure we reach those for whom it will make a difference, quickly and simply”.


BBC Scotland have since lost interest. Presumably, because it’s working.


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