A Scottish Conservative Council is facing questions?

parents about the results of an independent inquiry. The inquiry was into how the authority handled attacks on children.

The council in question, Borders, is Conservative-led with 14 Conservatives and 8 independents out of a total of 34.

Reporting Scotland does not mention that detail.

Imagine it was an SNP council?


12 thoughts on “A Scottish Conservative Council is facing questions?

  1. Not sure of details but this maybe needs to be brought up at Holyrood. If any public body is neglecting their statutory duty to protect children, that is of the utmost importance and needs the Scottish government to enact a further enquiry. Very worrying indeed.
    The media are of course always going to protect the British nationalist parties.
    In this case, it’s very telling and very sinister indeed.

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  2. Late night Friday this was shared by ‘Alex’ btl on Wee Ginger Dug – uplifting!

    Remember it from 2014? Listen again and enjoy. I did – very much!

    Stanley Odd – ‘Son I Voted Yes’

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  3. Miles Briggs is boasting that his Toadie party will cause a “political earthquake” at the local elections. He dismisses Partygate and the Tory BEEB pretend the Borders council is nothing to do with them.

    In April, UK pensioners will receive a paltry 3.1% pension increase, while inflation is forecast to reach 7.25% in the same month. The Toadies PROMISED to keep the Triple Lock.

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  4. I had a glossy leaflet drop thru my letter box a couple of weeks ago, it was from Tess White list MSP for the NE region, before that I’d never heard of her, I looked to see which party she represented and nowhere on the leaflet was the word Conservative, was she to embarrassed to say?

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  5. I see BBC Scotland is up to tricks again, this time on the Scotland Business page of the BBC News website. Top billing is given to an article with this headline: ‘PwC study finds four shops a day lost in Scotland’. It’s an eye-catching headline: the chosen frame is clear.

    See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-60439199

    The background is research from PwC and the Local Data Company on retail openings and closures across GB. It found that in Scotland in 2021: ’A total of 1,424 chain shops closed, with 673 opening, giving a net loss of 751. The loss for 2020 was 652.’

    Reporting of the same research can be found on the top line Business section of the BBC News website. There is no mention on any England, Wales or English region web page. The headline in the Business section is purely factual, with no attempt at framing: ‘More than 17,000 chain store shops closed last year’.

    BBC Scotland having opted for this ‘four shops a day lost ’ headline, how bad a figure is that? Indeed, is it even a useful statistic? Using data from the same PwC report we can check this out:

    Scotland (2021): 1,460 closures per year = 4 per day on average

    GB (2021): 17,219 closures per year = 47 closures per day on average.

    (wealthy) South East England (2021): 2,459 closures per year = 6.7 closures per day on average.

    The extent of the nonsense – other than to assist with negative framing – of BBC Scotland’s use of this particular statistic in its headline becomes clear on thinking through the above comparative facts. More tabloid style journalism?

    On GB retail, we also learn in the PWC report of ‘… another sharp drop in the number of openings, which led to a net loss of 10,059 outlets, the biggest fall since 2014.’ This is interesting because, bucking this overall GB trend, the number of openings in Scotland in 2021 was higher than in 2020! I didn’t learn that from the BBC Scotland article!

    The PWC report notes that on ‘multiple retailer percentage closures’ in 2021, Scotland’s figure is the same as that for GB as a whole, both set at -4.7%. I didn’t learn that from the BBC Scotland article!

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  6. Simon Heffer (an Old Fogey who adhered to the conservative values of the 50’s) in todays agitprop, anti-independence nonsense in the Sunday Torygraf (an English nationalist rag), asserted “the oil is not only running out, but in the medium term is likely to experience reduced demand”.
    He also claimed Scotland gets more, per capita, spend by the MOD than England–an utterly weird fabrication–they stopped publishing “regional” spending by the MOD years ago, because the SNP were using it to attack the Union.

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    1. “the oil is not only running out, but in the medium term is likely to experience reduced demand”.

      Heard on BBC Radio this morning that due to the Ukraine crisis Westminster intends to look at developing the North Sea . . . A G A I N .

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      1. Yep they really are hoping the people of Scotland believe that their country is so dependent on oil that any drop in price etc will end in an apocalyptic nightmare (only in Scotland however), so best allow your neighbours to keep their grubby hands on your oil. There is scarily masses of oil still in the ‘North Sea’ (the Scottish sea) and the BritNats and their dodgy pals across the globe have absolutely no intention of leaving it there nor in stopping extracting the damn stuff. Oil is used hugely in all sorts of products, as Indy Car Gordon has pointed out in fact it’s use in production for goods and plastics etc has gone up since Covid, down in terms of fuel for vehicles etc.

        When they say ‘in the medium term’ they aren’t saying now, or later, just might at some point, well blow us down with a feather! Oil prices fluctuate as we all know (especially when a country such as Scotland wants to be independent of a thieving scheming neighbour) and production is controlled, like gas, in accordance with demand whether high or low, it’s a racket really.

        Scotland has been scammed, the SNP need to keep pointing out how much has been taken by the EngGov, and how much Scotland lost out, over decades, because of being in an unequal union. Then keep making the point that only a very minimum amount should be extracted while transitioning away from fossil fuels, I guess some oil will always be needed especially as recycling plastics is shockingly lacking across the globe it seems.
        One last thing, I really despair at the amount of those blue throw away masks in the streets (cloth ones sometimes as well grr) we need a campaign to stop that littering. far as I know billions of them are already ending up in the seas.

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