Scots to win all Team GB’s Winter Olympic medals?

Eve Muirhead, Vicky Wright, Jennifer Dodds, Hailey Duff (Photo Skysports)
Great Britain’s men’s curling team (from left) Hammy McMillan, Bruce Mouat, Bobby Lammie and Grant Hardie (Photo: PA)

Just as it seemed Team GB would be coming back from Beijing with no medals at all, the two curling teams have made the finals and are guaranteed a medal.

All eight are Scots but BBC Scotland have just reported on the women’s success without mentioning that once:

26 thoughts on “Scots to win all Team GB’s Winter Olympic medals?

  1. I am sure if both teams had got beat it would have been reported Scots curling teams missed out on medals,I hope they fly the saltier when they collect their medals.

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    Scotland rescues Great Britain!

    Radio 4’s pm PM programme closed today with the anchor person, an English lady in London interviewing the GB Curling Manager in China, an English man, about the semi-final victories and the only hint that Scotland was in any way involved was a mention that the GB Curling Teams were funded by the UK National Lottery, the UK Government’s Sports UK initiative and the Scottish Government (note mentioned last) and a mention of the Elite Curling training facilities in Stirling with the explanation for the unknowing “that’s in Scotland”.

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  3. I have really enjoyed watching the Olympic curling.

    I cannot be the only person wondering why the European and World Curling Championships receive very little, or no coverage, in Scotland let alone the rest of the UK.

    Is it because they are known as Team Scotland at those championships?

    If it is, its not cricket.

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  4. This I think clearly demonstrates the total disdain the BBC has for Scots and Scotland. Like many Scots I stayed up late to watch the crucial women’s game against ROC a game they had to win to qualify for the Play-offs. The game was advertised on the BBC as ‘Curling ‘ yet with the game evenly balanced at the 4th end they switched to a studio panel’s views on Dave Ryding competing in a Slalom event and treated us to a nauseating journey of accolades and his prospects of a medal complete with a personal interview. It was switched without prior notice and importantly gave no alternative option on iPlayer or other Beeb channels to continue to watch the curling. Curlers like myself had to wait an hour before coverage of the game continued. Ryding finished 13th. If this had happened the other way imagine the howl of disapproval from English viewers.

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  5. They were kind enough to give us Steve Cram as the curling commentator, who, in the last Olympics knew NOTHING about curling, and doen’t know much more now.
    This is so if they win, its an English voice we hear gloating about “US BRITS”–if we lose–its an English voice we hear condescending to “THE JOCKS”!

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  6. Sweden men’s team win gold, but pleasantly surprised to see none of the usual Colemanballs nonsense appear at all in the main BBC report, anonymous Scots they remain – They did however open comments on the article, which will doubtless bringing out the knuckle draggers.
    For the men and women teams to be competing at this level is testament enough, and for all that the men will be gutted at not clinching gold on this occasion, it was no small feat to get there, so bravo all.

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    1. At the end of a magnificent Beijing Winter Olympic Games closing ceremony during a song known to every nation, and probably sung in every language, the BBC’s Claire Balding uttered “Who knew ‘Auld Lang Syne’ was big in Beijing!”.

      This morning on BBC News 24, their sport presenter Holly Hamilton on an item on the successful curling teams, said, ‘Curlings coming home’!

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  7. Hazel Irvine gave an account of where all the males team members reside. 3 from the borders. Dumfries and Galloway. The other from the West. The father of one of the team members was previously involved. Just got beat at the last throw.

    Eve Muirhead is quite well known along, with the rest of the team. They have won many championship medals but not Olympic Gold yet.

    Coming back with medals is an achievement. The other teams are strong players.

    Norway is leading the medals table.

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  8. Well done to them. One of the team has been working as a nurse during the pandemic. Saving lives. Now a Gold medal. They train at a centre in Stirling. World champions. Not just brawn but brains.

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    1. Gordon
      I watched live at 0100 hrs today the ABC (BBC ) coverage of Beijing Olympics , and could not believe my eyes
      After the usual studio presenters introductions
      They switched over live to the curling, and for a second only ( ABC editor caught napping ) as the first image and for a very short time was of Chinese Pipers / Drummers in imaculate full highland dress, obviously finishing up,but no doubt the ABC editor realised his mistake
      Switched camera to the rink with haste
      Now this tells you something very very important
      1.Nothing happens such as this unless from very on high of China,s Political control approval or they initiated and ordered the Pipers
      2.In turn this is very very revealing,China was deliberately conveying a most important message to The UK and the World
      3.That message was not propaganda or subliminal
      It was Firmly showing Chinese approval and subtle support for Scottish
      Independence, delivering a clear message to Westminster that they are alert and keeping a beady eye upon them
      4.Given the huge changes taking place in Geo Politics
      And the open partnership formed between China and Russia, in all probability Russia at least in agreement with China,s attitude towards us
      5.Both China and Russia are working in tandem with the sole purpose of finally ending US military and economic hegemony
      For once and all
      The SNP should wake up to what clever games are going on and cleverly,slowly but surely
      Move to a position of neutrality as we fight for and gain our Independence
      The US is no friend of ours
      They shall always give their little lap dog of the UK a wee pat and maybe a wee doggy treat especially
      In situations such as that is unfolding over Ukraine
      It is important to note that China has no control upon
      ABC ( BBC) editing
      But in all probability when they analyse what happened, they probably via their Consulate in Edinburgh dispatch a video recording in full of their Pipers performance, along with a most subtle carefully crafted written note to Holyrood
      China is so mindful of their Buddhist heritage and I quote a proverb of theirs
      Whilst casting the smallest of stones upon the most still of ponds, that such may cause the largest of ripples
      And waves
      I can but only hope that their pipers played
      ” Scots Wha Hae “

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      1. I have just checked on ABC ( BBC) I player the live coverage of womens
        Curling final
        The very short scene of The Chinese Pipers now eradicated, exactly as expected as our colonial
        Masters have much form
        Re.these matters
        No doubt instructed from on high

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  9. Listened to a news item on Radio 4 on Saturday morning. They interviewed a supporter of the mens’ curling team, and got them to agree that success was only possible thanks to “national lottery funding”. Maybe it was my yoon-dar going, but I wondered if the reporters make a thing of that about every athlete, or only the Scottish ones.

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  10. “All eight are Scots, but BBC Scotland has just reported on the women’s success without mentioning that once:“

    Is that their idea of ‘unbiased reporting’? More like disinformation!

    Is it just me, or has anyone noticed how even the BBC Weather presenters can hardly bring themselves to mention Scotland?


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