I’m sorry but I’m done. 8 years after BBC Scotland reported me to my employer for bringing them into disrepute, days of anger at their lies have finally become too much for this aging and troubled mind.

I recommend MSM Monitor.

If you want to contact me about non-political things use

Best wishes.



84 thoughts on “Done

  1. John,
    I can only thank you for all the investigative journalism, insightsa nd truths you have shared, as well as the fun and amusement on occasions. I can understand why you’ve had enough as its a huge amount of work and you probably feel like you’re banging your head on a brick wall (you’re not btw, you message and understanding about how the media manipulate has been disseminated far and wide)
    You will be sadly missed.
    I hope you enjoy your retirement form this and consider coming back when you’ve had time to reflect (and recover).

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    1. I want to echo the sentiments on here John has been an invaluable source of information – a veritable thesaurus of debunking info much need by the Indy movement.
      The scope of his daily posts is vast- I really don’t know how we will manage without them.
      Like everyone else on here I wish him the very best and hope he will rest a wile before returning.
      Saor Alba prof John

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  2. Another comment John… just to ask that you take a “break”- for a well-deserved respite- but make it a short break. You are sorely needed for the independence campaign that will surely begin soon. The unionist propaganda is building; today- with “Lord Frost” urging that far-right horror story at Westminster to reassert itself over Holyrood- the future is more worrying than ever. Best wishes– but come back soon.. very soon.

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  3. “However , I believe that your insights into the misinformation ( lies ? ) poured forth daily from the media attacking Scotland /SNP / Scottish Government have educated many into seeing past the Headlines and seeking the truth “.

    And one of those people is me. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until I followed a link to your blog.

    I shall miss it.

    I must echo Clydebuilt too.

    Is there any chance that TUS could continue as a blog, even if you have to step back? I’d be useless as a contributor – I don’t know enough – but I’d be willing to help in any way I could…

    I hate to hear you so disheartened, but my best wishes and enjoy a well-earned rest.

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  4. John can well understand the strain you’ve been under and would just add my own to the many offerings already and my best wishes for the future. It is a testament to the level of esteem we hold you in and thanks for all your efforts over the last few years.

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  5. Sad to hear this, John, but not really surprised; the signs of weariness with the whole sorry business of attempting to hold back the tide of constant and deliberate abuses of so-called journalism, by our so-called impartial and well-regarded investigative press, and the even more egregious output from our ‘trusted’ state broadcaster, have been becoming more and more apparent recently.

    I hope you can begin to relax and enjoy the many other aspects of retirement, and put your energies into other pursuits more to your liking. I have no doubt you’ll make a success of them, whatever they are.

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  6. Thanks so much for all your work over the years showing up the errors and bias in the mainstream media. I’m sorry you’ve had enough but that is understandable. You’ve taught us so much about being critical abourt what we read or hear and I think many of us are now well aware of how facts can be twisted.
    If I remember nothing else from your blogs it will be to always look at the context and what is missed out.
    You will be missed bit I hope you enjoy a more peaceful retiremnt and perhaps occasionally give us the benefit of your wisdom.

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  7. John I have already expressed my best wishes which you thoroughly deserve and I’m sure none of TUS followers would ever want you to continue if that has worn you out and is endangering your health and wellbeing. However I would simply echo the feelings of many here already that we cannot allow all your hard work to be for nothing when hopefully we are near to Independence and especially when Unionists will be ramping up their threats and lies. Your contributions have been a source of inspiration and enlightenment with TUS an almost daily pilgrimage for many of us.

    Is there any way we can salvage this…. anyone? If it is cost I for one would be more than willing to subscribe to employ others to assist you and take on the burden and even reduce the output.

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  8. John, As everyone else has said, so many of us are eternally grateful for your research and investigations. I can easily understand how stressful it must be but your work has been a wonderful resource for, not only the Indy Movement but also the world where truth and integrity matter. Thanks

    I hope you get a really good rest and some fun and put this stressful stuff out of mind for now.



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  9. Your health must always come first, but like everyone else here I’ll be deeply saddened if TuS is no more. It’s the go-to place for reliable information and rigorous research and will be sadly missed, especially when it’s clear that Project Fear is being ramped up again. Will the archive be accessible?

    Look after yourself and many, many thanks for your daunting output and its unfailingly high quality.

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  10. I totally get this.
    I’m feeling really low this week seeing the continuous, never-ending mountains of crap & oceans of sewage Scotland has to climb or navigate.

    Selfishly I hope you make a come back.
    Stay well.

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    1. I don’t lack confidence Prof, as a consequence I fail to suppress the urge to inflict my opinion on the world on occasion.

      It is though, testament to your efforts over the years, that occasional posters (and a few usernames I don’t recognise) have taken the time and effort to thank you. It does take a certain level of self-confidence to post.

      I won’t waste your time by trying to talk you around, but I sincerely hope I’ll see you comment, now and then, elsewhere.

      Take care Sir, you have my eternal gratitude.


  11. Aw naw! Dont stop, maybe just slow down a wee bit. Loved your reports and points you made. The amount of times I’ve checked your mails for info is unbelievable.
    Wish you all the best either way!


  12. It’s sad and unfortunate – at this critical juncture – that John has ‘had enough’, allowing the war propaganda over our airwaves to now continue, unopposed.
    Hopefully John has taught enough of us to spot BBCSpeak from Pathetic Quay for what it really is. God help us all!!
    Best wishes,

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  13. Dear John

    Thank you for your bringing your sustained and at times intensive academic brilliance to the cause Scottish independence. You shone brightly for nearly a decade.

    Thank you for sacrificing your personal freedom to help this country find its freedom. Our earnest hope is that the losses to your spirit and physical health will be vanquished now the baton has been passed and you have your life back.

    What have you achieved ? Have the headlines changed ? Nope ! Will they ever change ? Nope ! Private Eye’s 50th anniversary cover is instructive : 284395375965

    What you have changed is your readership – an army of activists for Scottish Independence. Never again will news and political commentary be taken at face value. You have given us the tools to dismantle all manner of deceptions and honed our anti bullshit skills.

    And, since accuracy is what you are about, lets acknowledge again the authoritative research and solid argument the regular posters to this site brought; so many tremendous teachers.

    Apart from the obvious I will miss that genial warmth and wit which was the hallmark of Talking up Scotland, These qualities were so evident in the film ‘London Calling’.

    The polls have Scotland’s constitutional future neck and neck and that’s despite hourly Talking down Scotland by multi ‘news’ media. They must be so pissed. There is a trend in attitudes to Scottish independence and that trend is going our way, exclusively and relentlessly.

    So, congratulations and all the best for your calmer and happier future.

    By the way, my name’s not Daphne a n d …. you never guessed.

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  14. Dear John,
    Thanks so much for all you have highlighted for us in these past years. Your dedication has been a joy and I shall miss my daily mail from you.
    I do hope that come the referendum campaign you’ll fell able to return to the fray when we really will need you. I can understand if not. I have quit most of the Indy groups I was in following the Salmond affair as I couldn’t take watching Indy supporters rip each other apart in unionist-succouring attacks. The anger and, yes, hatred so many of us directed at each other rather than the common foe was depressing and frustrating and I’m a much happier person without seeing it any more. So I completely understand why someone who’s done more and been high-profile for so long may have had enough.
    Best wishes for any future endeavours, sir.

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  15. Dear John,  Thanks for the tremendous effort you have put into your blog and the valid criticism of the BBC coverage of Scotland’s stories. I really appreciated the research discipline which guided your comments. I hope you have time to appear again on Broadcasting Scotland, that’s if we can pay the bills! All the best,

    Hugh J Stewart

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  16. Your contributions were appreciated by so many in the YES movement…..though I did not personally comment on your various excellent posts via your blog I did read them…..and enjoyed them and very much agreed with them.

    I wish you all the best and much thanks for all of your efforts and input into THE debate that seems as if tis never ending solely because of the efforts of those who are so desperate to shut it down……to their advantage.

    Your intelligent , informative and very welcome contribution , via your blog , to the independence debate will be a sad loss to us who support independence but I know your contribution will never be forgotten .

    Take care and once again thank you so much for your insightfulness and dedication.

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  17. John, I commented on here but infrequently.
    Your insights, analysis and revelations regarding the way in which BBC Scotland twists/distorts/obliterates the truth were magnificent.
    I hope your batteries are recharging,


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