Scots rugby loses but GB (sic) curlers win ‘down the page’

At the Winter Olympics:

Great Britain’s women won an important curling match against the United States 10-5 to keep their Winter Olympics play-off hopes on track.

Having lost two of their three matches so far, Eve Muirhead, Vicky Wright, Jen Dodds and Hailey Duff could ill afford another defeat.

The Scottish quartet held off an American fightback to move up to fifth in the standings.

There isn’t actually a BBC Scotland report on the rugby, just this from Gareth Griffiths of BBC Sport Wales, on the BBC Scotland website:


7 thoughts on “Scots rugby loses but GB (sic) curlers win ‘down the page’

  1. Somebody high-up at Pacific Quay must be a curler, since the two all-Scotish squads in China get a lot of coverage on BBC Shortbread.

    But, generally, “Sport” on BBC Shortbread means the Scotland football team and The Old Firm. BBC Shortbread’s coverage of Scottish Rugtby is an embarrassment. Not, however, as embarrassing as the efforts of the SRU’s media department.


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