Seems fair after all the food, oil, gas, electricity, graduates….

David Bol of the Herald leaps gleefully on this news that a contract for recycling Scots bottle waste has gone south. I remember the time we were more concerned about waste from the south getting dumped in Scotland – Munitions in Beaufort’s Dyke, nuclear sub waste in the Clyde, old nuclear subs rotting in Rosyth, southern excrement in camping sites?

Isn’t this just a positive indicator that we will have a nice productive relationship with rUK after independence?

They will, despite some mad yoon outbursts, still buy our salmon, beef and whisky. They will prefer to buy our oil, gas and electricity rather than be dependent on France and Russia. They will still send students here and employ our graduates in the overheated, staff-short, south. They might soon need our water too.

Oh, yes, we’ll still buy their cheese and…….?

Finally is the movement of non-hazardous recyclable waste, by definition, wrong? No. See this from the European Environment Agency:

  • One benefit of waste shipments is that they allow the development of economies of scale for recycling. This, in turn, offers the opportunity for the advancement of recycling technologiessecurity of supply and lower prices for secondary raw materials. Ultimately, this would improve the functioning of secondary raw material markets within the EU’s single market.
  • Recyclable waste that is shipped to other EU countries accounts for a significant share of the quantities generated, representing a total value of EUR 12 billion, dominated by ferrous metals that make up 69% of the total.Data reveal a growing and dynamic market for internationally traded waste materials.


9 thoughts on “Seems fair after all the food, oil, gas, electricity, graduates….

  1. It speaks volumes about the mindset of the writer or sub-editor, that ‘will go to England for processing’ is emphasised by inverted commas and the military term ‘flagship’ is used.

    As you suggest, it appears to be sneering and also implying that we are unable to do such things in Scotland.

    Such contracts have to go out to tender. In EU days, businesses in all member countries could submit bids. Since Brexit, the Single Market Act requires tendering to be open to everywhere in the UK.

    A unionist trope is that after independence there will be no business done with England and hence our economy will collapse because only England takes Scottish exports and we only have imports from England entering Scotland. As this contract shows, individual businesses in England will continue to do business wherever they can. Since Scotland would not be a hostile country there would be no basis for sanctions against Scottish goods and services.

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  2. The Tory mouthpiece is dribbling that “WE” should establish a facility in Scotland to process waste.
    Isn’t he a free market capitalist, reliant on sturdy entrepreneurship?
    Why does he want a “Scottish State enterprise” to facilitate this?

    Whatever happened to CBI Scotland? It used to be on the news every week, extolling the virtues of the “Union”, and opposing Scotland “taking back control”.
    Now it just seems to have disapppeared.

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  3. O/T.
    Boris coming to “Scotland” tomorrow.
    Of course it isnt really “Scotland”. It will be one chosen venue, for five minutes, then helicoptered back to England.

    In that five minute period, he will be allowed by the BEEB to waffle on without questions being asked–
    Will extol the virtues of “self-determination” for every country bar Scotland and the Chagos Islands.
    Will oppose Ukraine being bullied and threatened by a giant neighbour, while bullying and threatening Scotland.
    Will oppose “separatism” by Scotland/N Ireland whilst leading a separatist government in England.
    Will oppose a trade border between N Ireland and the UK/EU, which he proposed and signed up to, while insisting there would be a “hard border” between Scotland and England.

    Will he be asked about that as a threat to the huge Scottish energy exports to England?
    You bet he wont—it has been totally ignored in the Heralds independence examination (while allowing Jim Sillars a political slot to attack the SNP).

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  4. The entire point is that a system is in place to ensure they get recycled not WHERE they get recycled, I didn’t know flagships were still around.
    Given the carping tenor of the headline, it’s a fairly safe bet the 18 comments per hour from this Bol’s up article would be full of praise for SG’s initiative as is so common for the Herod.. 🙄

    I’ve not the faintest idea where my glass (communal streetside bins) or cardboard, plastics, and metals (recycling bin emptied 4-weekly) goes, but happy somebody else does, should I be upset if it goes to Hungary ? 🤪

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      1. There are multiple uses for recyclables, the problem has always been quick profits v sustainability when governments are in thrall to the former.
        I well remember the UK’s first reaction to Ozone layer depletion, set up a carbon trading market…

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  5. Recycling and reusables goes all over the place wherever firms are based. They have been going all over the world. Some trash dumped on other places. Paid by a premium of public monies. Any effective recycling has to be encouraged. Especially less plastic more cardboard containers etc. There are even cartons of water. Water fountains being introduced. Many facilities will fill up a water bottle.

    Decommission can start in Scotland but moved to other countries to complete. There are less smelters in UK for recycling. It is cheaper to do it abroad. A lot of recycling is being done in Scotland, providing jobs.

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