Tory housing targets mean ‘routine sewage discharges’ Call Kay Adams: ‘Should Scotland consider following England’s plans?’

In the Guardian today:

Around the Tory heartland of Chichester, the government’s promise to build 300,000 homes a year has prompted loyal followers to take to the streets in protest. People in the towns, villages and hamlets stretching west and south from Chichester live in an area served by Southern Water, which was fined a record £90m last year for illegally discharging billions of litres of raw sewage into the protected coastal waters off the south coast of Hampshire and Kent.

I feel sure one of the opposition leaders will have called for more housebuilding. Perhaps Kay Adams or Fiona Stalker could tweet this again?


8 thoughts on “Tory housing targets mean ‘routine sewage discharges’ Call Kay Adams: ‘Should Scotland consider following England’s plans?’

  1. There could hardly be a more insanely disaster capitalist regime in charge at Westminster and of course it’s the usual nimbys complaining. Who cares that England’s Trident nuke subs are parked a few miles from Scotland’s largest city or that several old no longer used nuke subs of theirs are sitting rusting in the Firth of Forth.

    The Tories sold off the water supply in England, to companies whose only target is to make sure to make a huge profit and hang onto their shareholders. They’d sell the air if they could…as my dad used to say.

    In fact as we all know, the England HQ’d LABOUR party in Scotland, did sell off the non domestic arm of Scottish water and planned to sell off the domestic part had they been allowed to remain at the helm god help us. It’s why when you go to any public convenience you are lucky to get more than a drip of water to wash your hands. The ScotGov need to take the non domestic part of Scottish water back into public hands, or as Ricky Leonard Labour trougher said, ‘take Scoddish warterrr back inta bublic ands’ he was that ignorant. Sorry I just can’t get over that stupid imbecilic comment he made at Holyrood especially when it was his party that sold off part of ‘Scoddish warterr’.

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  2. Your Kaye Adams scenario is unconvincing – Kaye Adams and indeed the BBC in Scotland generally, have pumped out more shite than all the water companies in England and Scottish Water combined achieved in their entire history.

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  3. London S/E recycled water. The Thames will increasingly flood. Scotland has to pay for the barriers and London subsidised transport. London S/E congested and overcrowded. Westminster economic policy. Drain money and resources from Scotland to fund London S/E. Totally overcrowded. Scotland half empty. The North/South divide. Perpetuated by Westminster economic policies.

    The population in Scotland has only increased since Devolution. Population stagnant from the 1900. 5million. Dipped in the 1950s. War dead? Population now 5.4million but it could fall because of Brexit. The Scottish Gov building or renovations 6,000 affordable houses a year. There is less homelessness in Scotland and more affordable houses. Young people have more opportunity to buy because it is more affordable by comparison.

    Kaye Adams has a house in Glasgow but earns money in London. Biased Millionaire paid by London Media.

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  4. Before any new houses are built there must be the services there to cope with the new construction. Power,water and sewerage.


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