Only BBC Wales reveals Westminster’s ‘telling’ contempt

From BBC Wales this morning:

A senior Welsh Labour minister has said there was no meeting of the UK’s chief medical officers before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he could end England’s Covid rules early. The legal rule to self-isolate could end later this month in England. Welsh Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said there was also no agreement between the UK’s health ministers. But a Downing Street source said the devolved governments were told before the PM made his announcement.

Another example of Westminster’s contempt and of BBC Scotland bias and complicity as they ignore the story for MSPs’ security costs and Kirsty Young’s wallabies:

Two days earlier, Scotland’s CMO had shared a tweet suggesting that the PM had made this move for political gain. BBC Scotland loved his apology:

BBC Wales has a long history now of standing up for the Welsh Government, protecting their NHS from scrutiny and generally defending Wales. BBC Scotland does just the opposite.

For some BBC Wales stories, try this:

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5 thoughts on “Only BBC Wales reveals Westminster’s ‘telling’ contempt

  1. There can be few countries where a minor political leader (Drossie), gets as much or more, air time (usually without any questions being asked of him), on the State Broadcaster bulletins, as the popular, elected leader of that country.

    Or that that State Broadcaster can manage and manipulate the news–always to the detriment of the most popular party, apparently on the orders of the Hi Jack Bunker.

    Eat your heart out, Pravda–you are but an amateur in comparison.

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  2. That’s not quite fair John, the Scotland/Politics ignores the wallabies question taxing the concerns of Scots everywhere according to the BBC….

    On the Scotland/Politics page which actually originated there, are in sequence – The “Low-income families ‘let down’ by payment scheme” pastiche, “Scotland’s chief medical officer apologises for ‘political’ retweet”, “Scottish Covid powers to be extended by six months”, and “Sturgeon: Big profit energy firms should pay more”, at (courtesy of the BBC’s Tardis), 21h šŸ¤£, 1d, 2d and 2d old respectively…
    BBC Scotland’s output is best described as “A week is a long time in politics” unless it meets Glenn Campbell’s “In my opinion…”

    Not even the Pensions fiasco created by BT is deemed worthy of mention as political, “The news where you are…” without the slightest hint of humour…

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  3. BBC Wales are not protecting Wales NHS from scrutiny. They are protecting them from misinformed attacks designed to promote unionism and right wing policies. Remember if we don’t get independence soon devolution will be rolled back and the NHS will be privatised. And Labour are in much support of that as the Tories.

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  4. Poor performance against Wales at rugby.
    Scotland is a team full of good players, but played with no apparent game plan or structure, other than the forwards barging head first into tackles, and the backs kicking away possession. What ever happened to passing the ball?
    While I never thought they could be champions (winner between Ireland and France must be favourites, I certainly thought Wales could be beaten (though they are the most street-wise rugby team out there).

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