Selective reporting on face masks in schools to polarise the debate and champion the Tories

In this morning’s Reporting Scotland insert at 08:28am:

The First Minister will update parliament on the Covid situation later, with face mask in schools expected to be one of the matters in her statement. The Scottish Conservatives have been calling for an end to face coverings in secondary schools but last week Nicola Sturgeon said caution was prudent. Here’s our political reporter Jenni Davidson: ‘Last week, the First Minister said we may be close to the time when face coverings no longer need to be worn in the classroom, but we had not reached that stage yet. Nicola Sturgeon said the Scottish Government’s advisory subgroup on education would meet again to consider the issue.

In the previous evening, Reporting Scotland, told us of the giant teacher union, the EIS, opposing the quick end to face mask wearing in classroom. Why was that, even briefly, not relevant to the above report? Might it have weakened the Scottish Cons’ position and strengthened that of the FM?

Given the very recent reporting on the EIS, this is, at best, a strange omission.

7 thoughts on “Selective reporting on face masks in schools to polarise the debate and champion the Tories

  1. The Mornings programme with Kaye Adams was devoted to this, with the initial framing being “Isn’t it time this was ended? Are YOUR chidren not fed up with it?” She then read out three tweets all of which sounded as if they had been written by someone from the Conservatives’ press office.

    The first caller was a mother from Alloa who said the masks should be retained for the present time! Someone from the programme producer’s team will get their jotters for allowing a normal person on.

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  2. I’ve noticed we no longer have high schools in Scotland, the media have renamed them secondary schools, same as England. You will be assimilated Scotland, resistance is futile.
    Keep masks in Scotland’s high schools until such time as the elected governments’ science advisers say otherwise. The Tories are playing political games with peoples’ lives, as they have done throughout the pandemic. Disgraceful.

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    1. There never was a standard term used in Scotland for the secondary stages. Almost all those in Glasgow were called ‘Secondary Schools’ as in King’s Park Secondary School, but a few like Hillhead High School and Shawlands Academy retained original names. In Renfrewshire they were mainly called High Schools as in Johnstone High School, but, there were exceptions like Paisley Grammar. For rural areas, Academy was used, such as Perth Academy.

      I suspect the BBC is tailoring it’s terminology for a mainly English audience. So, when speaking of A Levels, they will sometimes say, “or Highers as they are called in Scotland”. But, Highers and A Levels are not equivalent.

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      1. Alasdair, as you were an education professional, you might remember the (late-lamented to me) AS-level in England. It was worth the same number of UCAS points as a Scottish Higher Grade, and was in effect the first part of a two-year A-level.

        It was introduced to push England’s post-16 staying-on rate up to the same rate as Scotland’s. Imagine! As A-level students typically took 3 A-levels, but 4 AS-levels, this had the useful effect of delaying the narrowing of subject choice in English schools.

        Michael Gove and David Laws decided in 2013 to abolish the AS-level. This, in my view, was a retrograde step for young people, especially the most disadvantaged, in England.


  3. It is clear from the displays of non-mask wearing on the Tory benches in The Commons what the Conservatives think of safety at work measures .

    Ignore the stats – 1 in 15 Secondary pupils in England infected, with a ”significant impact on education ” according to the National Association of Headteachers .
    But the Tories continue to push for NO MITIGATIONS against Covid .

    And the Scottish Tories are calling for the same – until the English Tories do a U-turn , then they will replicate this too !

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    1. But….. BoJo is getting praise for making “correct” decision (or gamble) on Omicron despite rate of infection being so much higher in England than here in Scotland (thanks to John’s regular updates)

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