Proxy war on SNP politicising the NHS

The clearly shocked Sandesh Gulhane, above, after quickly getting his scrubs on for the cameras, during his one day-a-week practising to maintain his registration as the Tory ‘doc’, pops up on Reporting Scotland with a hair-raising claim to keep the NHS Scotland ‘crisis’ narrative going.

The actual report is of one GP practice in Tayside, ‘Friockheim’ having to close, due to losing its last GP.

Gulhane is allowed to say the situation in Friockheim ‘is not unique’ and that there are wider shortages. No wider data is offered to reinforce or contradict that. Then again, is anything not unique?

Friockheim, population 930 in 2006, is 6.6 miles and 11 minutes by car from Arbroath. There are buses every hour and, at peak times, every 20 minutes, to Arbroath.

Would a population of 930 typically have a GP? In 2019, there were on average 6 171 people for every GP in Scotland.

Are there shortages of GP’s in Scotland? According to BBC Scotland in 2019, Scotland had 76 GPs per 100 000 population while England had only 58.

According to Public Health Scotland, in 2020, GP numbers have been increasing from 2017 after a period of stability since 2010.

Why can Reporting Scotland’s researchers not dig up these contextual data essential for their own editorial guidelines?



12 thoughts on “Proxy war on SNP politicising the NHS

  1. Gulhane is an English exile bringing his view of the NHS with him to a Scotland that he clearly wishes to see follow the English route of stealthy privatisation .

    I thought that NHS employees were banned from making political comment while wearing identifiable NHS garb – why is this moaning , two-job GP allowed to breach this rule ?

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  2. “Why can Reporting Scotland’s researchers not dig up these contextual data essential for their own editorial guidelines?”

    Because they are lying, incompetent useless reporters. That’s it, no more needs said.

    At the dentist a couple of days ago. During the mainly one sided conversation I was notified that the said dentist was peed off at the attacks on the NHS.

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  3. Strange is not how a one day a week GP always manages to be dressed for hospital duties 7 days a week when featured by Distorting Scotland, the gelled hair intact always intact after removing the hairnet…
    Female doctors and nurses everywhere must be wondering how he does it….

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  4. A community GP is no bad thing, but most Conservatives know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
    My village, along with many others in the area, lost its local police station in the last few years, local knowledge and trust all gone, along with the village bank and post office.
    I know that the latter two are private (you could argue about the post office) but village depopulation is a thing in some areas of Scotland and needs addressing, having local services is a good first step.

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