Will teachers vs Tories facemask war be televised?

As anticipated, the biggest teacher union, the EIS, is demanding the continuation of face mask wearing in classrooms. This puts them in direct opposition to the wishes of the Scottish Conservatives and those parent groups often wheeled on to BBC Scotland to attack the SNP Government’s precautionary approach.

At the end of January, the fearsome Oliver Mundell told Nicola Sturgeon to drop the masks.

Commonly BBC Scotland is able to use the EIS to attack the Scottish Government on returning pupils to school sooner than they’d like, before then quickly turning to the Tories and the parent groups to attack them for not returning them soon enough to enable parents with businesses to dump their weans on the state.

I know, my headline is stupid. Fat chance! Maybe Larry Flanagan of the EIS will dump his old pals in Scottish Labour and tell the truth on behalf of the SNP Government?


9 thoughts on “Will teachers vs Tories facemask war be televised?

  1. John
    With tongue in cheek i cordially request as to how whilst describing Oliver Mundells you deployed the word Fearsome.
    For a split second i thought it was Cromwell you were referring to

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    1. If it had been Cromwell, he would have been an Ironside.
      Instead Oli is like the Tin Man in the W of Oz—in search of a brain!

      Like father, like son.

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  2. Red Tory, Blue Tory.
    Whatever the colour–
    Its the same old story!

    Like “Boris’s brain”, Munira Mirza–she went from ultra-Revolutionary Commie to Libertarian right–without a pause.
    She had a precedent to follow—Alistair Darling!

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  3. I suspect that a majority of teachers in Scotland are pro-independence, but most EIS activists are Labour Party members or members of left wing groups which equate independence with ‘nationalism’, which of course, means fascism.

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  4. Mundell is out of line. Running out of time,

    Teachers and Scottish Gov in Agreement. To protect schools and pupils.

    Mundell the dunce needs to go back to school. Or align with what is happening in the real world. The Tories more and more irrelevant. A total embarrassing shambles.


  5. Good Morning Scotland opened with, “There are calls to end the wearing of face masks in Scotland’s schools. The Conservatives are demanding an end in advance of the First Minister’s statement at Holyrood today.”

    And, no, there was no mention of the EIS view.

    The BBC Scotland website, léads with a demand by the Tories to end test and trace in Scotland.

    News seems to consist of Tory press releases.

    The slant on the harassment of Starmer on the BBC is that no blame can be attached to Johnson. The protesters were expressing their right of free speech and it is not just on the right that concerns have been expressed about Starmer’s handling of the Savile case. ‘Lord’ McConnell linked the attack to the ‘divisive’ 2014 referendum.

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    1. Starmer was the boss of the DPP at the time. The Saville case must have crossed his desk. He was also involved in the Assange case. This was reported on CH4 last night. Assange hasn’t been mentioned on BBC Radio against Scotland. This morning.
      The ESTABLISHMENT . . . Tories Labour Lords the BBC are all involved in Operation Save Starmer

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