Dripping selectively on the NHS

Negative reports on NHS Scotland, fed by opposition party misinformation, are now daily. Today at 1:30:

MSPs say the Scottish Government needs to develop support for families dealing with trauma after giving birth. Members of the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee found that there’s no specific support for those who’ve gone through a traumatic birth or pregnancy, and that this can lead to PTSD. They add there’s been a sharp rise in such cases during the pandemic.


The report does not mention the Scottish Government’s support, including funeral costs, for those who have lost a baby, launched in 2020 nor does it mention SNP MP Angela Crawley’s successful UK bill in 2021 to gain paid leave for those who experience a miscarriage.

I’m assuming that one major form of trauma after birth is that of a miscarriage, suggesting the SNP is somewhat ahead of other parties on this. I appreciate there will be other forms of trauma even when a baby survives but, again, what is the source for the suggestion that this has recently increased. Today’s meeting is as yet unpublished. Has member Sandesh Gulhane leaked this news? It’ not on the agenda. Might he have paraphrased it a bit? I’ll check later.

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