Scottish bowel screening beats target again and is highest in history of programme

Gee, I wonder why Scotland’s MSM are not onto this great news. Bowel screening is a major strategy in reducing a range of severe illnesses.

Form Public Health Scotland today:

For the two-year period from the 1st of May 2019 to the 30th of April 2021, uptake in this time period was 65%, the highest in the programme’s history, and was higher in females (67%) than males (63%), though both were above the Health Improvement Scotland standard of 60%.

I’m trying not to be petty but the figures for a England and Wales are only 58% and 56%. MSM in England and Wales seem unconcerned about another failure to hit targets.

I feel sure the editor of Reporting Scotland once told me it was in the public interest to report NHS performance against targets. Is it only the failures that matter?

3 thoughts on “Scottish bowel screening beats target again and is highest in history of programme

  1. I can’t praise the Scottish Bowel Screening programme highly enough.
    Did the test last June ( no symptoms) and within four days my local hospital was in touch arranging a colonoscopy .
    Suffice to say I was amazed at the speed of response and my journey continued quickly resulting in an operation in early October,all cancer gone and no treatment needed afterwards ,just check ups every 6 months.
    Thank goodness I live in Scotland!

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