Scotland’s allegedly troubled super-hospital has one of lowest death rates

Since it opened, the new Southern General has been the subject of repeated opposition and BBC Scotland attacks on its performance, typically based on statistically insignificant cases and disgruntled whistle-blowers to Drivetime.

However, the facts are the facts and today once more, the QEUH is revealed as having a standardised mortality rate similar to all other Scottish hospitals, within the safe limits met by them all.

In addition, noting the reservations in using crude data, it is interesting, in the light of the attacks, that the QEUH has one of the lowest crude mortality rates in Scotland at 4.8%, below the Scottish average of 4.9% and notably much lower than some other hospitals at 9.1. It’s important to point out that higher mortality rates are often due to older catchment populations but given Glasgow’s low overall health outcomes, the QEUH seems to be less than troubled.

2 thoughts on “Scotland’s allegedly troubled super-hospital has one of lowest death rates

  1. I can imagine the BBC calling on Dr Gulhane who will assert unchallenged, “No one should be dying in our hospitals.”

    Cue Anas Sarwar to raise the case of the death of a child who had cancer.

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  2. If only Scotland’s NHS had the same standards as :—
    Alder Hey, or Bristol, or Stafford, Shrewsbury and Telford, Morecombe Bay, East Kent, Nottingham and so on.
    The death of a child?
    Some of these NHS England Trusts had hundreds upon hundreds of dead babies, children and mothers.

    “Oor Wullie” Gulhane needs to take off his blinkers, and BBC Scotland need, for once, to do the job WE PAY THEM FOR!

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