Cases fall again

As always the latest figures and no analysis from the Herald. Cases fall for the third day in a row despite including, for the first time, both LFD and PCR tests.

Hospitalisation doesn’t just ‘stay below 1 000’ but falls again from 990 to 958 and, in ICU, from 25 to 24. This a trend of 7 weeks now.

These data appear against a background of more than two months of higher booster rollout, lower infection levels in Scotland and, consequently 20% lower hospitalisation with dramatically almost 50% lower ICU cases.

One thought on “Cases fall again

  1. Alas, the Herods “reporter” is down in darkest Ayrshire investigating why Prestwick airport hasnt been shut down as the Labour/Tory/colonial press are shouting so desperately for.

    Oddly the same media doesn’t seem interested in how Labour allowed rendition flights from the same airport to happen.
    Take people through Scotland, without charge, to Diego Garcia for torture and lifelong imprisonment.
    Do you never wonder where China got the idea of locking up its Uighur population from?

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