Why are so few in Scotland’s IC units?


With 10 times the population and all things being equal, you might expect England to havee 10 times the number of Covid patients in ICU. You might even, given out shorter life-expectancies and still worse average health outcomes, England to have lower numbers, pro rata, in ICU.

However, with the exception of a period in September and October 2021, Scotland has had a lower number in ICU than England has had. October 8th was the last time the rates were broadly the same at 64 and 647.

From the middle of January 2022, the number in Scotland’s ICU’s has halved and now stands at just under half that, pro rata, in England. The rates in Wales and Northern Ireland too are significantly lower than in England.

Why might this be?

Lower overall infection rates and greater compliance protecting the more vulnerable?

Higher booster uptake especially than in some inner-city, ethnic minority areas in England?

A more effective NHS catching cases earlier and treating them before they worsen to a level requiring ICU?

Cleaner hospitals due to inhouse control of cleaning?

It has to be a good news story but, of course, ‘not in the public interest’ at BBC Scotland.

4 thoughts on “Why are so few in Scotland’s IC units?

  1. NHS England has been losing money to private interests for decades now–ever since Labour started “Market Testing” ( AKA privatization).
    As Health Trusts have less spending power on actual patient treatment, it soon catches up.

    Of course we in Scotland have to read the daily fake news, that Scotland and England are roughly equal in covid-19 outcomes.
    Propaganda a la Goebbels—These Islands style journalism.

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  2. We’ve seen similar before with Delta etc., it is perhaps related to prevalence which may in turn affects viral load at time of infection which in turn exacerbates the effects among the most vulnerable, etc., etc..

    I’m perfectly sure scientists have noticed, investigated and have a reasoned explanation which will ultimately appear in scientific papers, it is UK/London politics which demands it not reach the ears of the public

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