NHS Scotland ‘so good because the Scottish Government enables excellence’

Captured from Facebook

From ever-alert reader, Robert Martin, the above praise.

Only two weeks ago, we read:

In Westminster’s Health Committee, Dr Pelle Gustafson, CMO at Swedish Patient Insurer, responded with “Scotland”, when he was asked which country he would hold at the very top pillar with regards to patient safety. 

Dr Gustfason said: “If you take all preventative work in regard to patient safety, I would say Scotland, I am personally very impressed with Scotland. I think in Scotland you have a long tradition of working, you have a development in the right direction and you also have a system which is fairly equal all over the place. You have improvement activities going on. So I am very impressed by Scotland”. He added that the UK could learn a lot from the Nordic countries in this area but also that the Nordic countries could learn a lot from Scotland.


And in 2019, the Nuffield Trust wrote:

All the UK nations would do well to follow the example of Scotland’s ‘Getting it right for every child’ [GIRFEC] framework, an overarching child health strategy which unifies and coordinates policies, services and programmes for children and young people.

Click to access 1521031084_child-health-international-comparisons-report-web.pdf


4 thoughts on “NHS Scotland ‘so good because the Scottish Government enables excellence’

  1. File under:–
    Things you wont be informed of by “Scotland’s” Colonial media.

    “Oh look, a pigeon”…………………………………………!

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  2. Is the Scottish cringe, manufactured by the British state, perhaps petering out?
    It’s not that long ago, even after devolution with the London HQ’d Labour branch in charge at Holyrood, that the British nationalist narrative portraying Scotland as being incapable of anything other than playing the bagpipes, whilst totally dependent on the (laughable) generosity of their neighbour was simply the norm. It’s why the SNP and especially the FM are such a threat to the English government. By having their own Scottish political party at the helm, Scotland has started to regain some self esteem and confidence in the ability to run their own affairs. The fact that other countries recognise and praise Scotland’s new government is abhorrent to the English government.

    The English government are proven to be a tad nasty to get what they want.
    Watch out Scotland.

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  3. Thanks for sharing these comments Robert & John, great to see Scotland recognised in these reports. Today’s reports from England a bit less favourable, billions of money wasted on PPE, the MET police again and the report on children’s homes. Meanwhile Dross complains about face masks in schools and, somewhat in contradiction, the lack of ventilation in classrooms

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