Monstrous 24% December gap between emergency services in Scotland and England is a scandal

How our media would rather you think.

I’m able to compare the full December 2021 figures today.

During December 2021, NHS Scotland A&E services saw 75.7% within 4 hours.

In the same period, NHS England saw only 61.2%*.

That’s a crude 14.5% difference but, in effect, NHS Scotland is 23.7% faster. That means hundreds seen on time in Scotland and thousands not seen on time in England. Why has Labour nothing to say?

The PM’s local Hillingdon Trust managed only 54.1%.

  • The NHS England data are almost certainly even worse as they restart the count after a patient is admitted. In Scotland, the count begins on arrival and is no restarted.

5 thoughts on “Monstrous 24% December gap between emergency services in Scotland and England is a scandal

  1. Shameful Labour.
    Shameful Tories.
    Shameful Dumbs.
    Shameful BBC Hootsmon.
    Shameful colonial press.

    These Britnit loopy dupes, wallow in fake stats, smears and obfuscation to rival anything Boris and Trump do and say.

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  2. O/T.
    The Torygraf reports that Boris has put his call with Putin on hold.
    This is the direct opposite of the facts, as Putin has refused to allow Boris to call him (but Macron+Putin have talked twice).

    If Boris and Putin do speak, who will need a “fact-checker” the most?

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  3. Again O/T.
    Amnesty International (based in London) accuses (correctly in my view*) Israel of imposing “Apartheid” on the Palestinian population who live, both in Israel and the occupied territories.
    Have still to hear any mention on the BBC, of what is a serious subject.

    *As the land available to set up a contiguous Palestinian State has disappeared, the campaign is now more focused on “equal rights” in a single country between the Med and the Jordan river. Recent civic disturbances between Israeli Jews and Arabs shocked the country out of its complacency, but action on the ground is essential for the good of all.

    Israel was desperate for the land but not the people, but it has largely made a “single State” the only possible option, with land grabs, subjugation and occupation of land that was never designated as part of Israel.

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  4. There were no benchmarks before devolution and Labour being unceremoniously dumped by the electorate as a waste of time.
    Is there possibly a connection ?

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  5. Shameful that the BBC and other British Nationalist, England HQ’d with a wee office in Glasgow, so called media lie day in day out to the people of Scotland.
    Shameful that they hound Scotland’s SNP politicians (not the Eng/BritNat ones though) in an attempt to unseat them. The ‘media’ act as judge and jury in Scotland, but they are facilitators to an ever more dictatorial cabal in London.

    The media assault on Scotland’s democratically elected government is not just ‘shameful’, it’s dangerous and sinister. It’s also been happening ever since the Scottish party, the SNP, were voted in by an electorate whose eyes became open to the lies, fabrications and ‘British’ BBC propaganda piped into peoples’ living rooms every damn day for decades.

    The UK is a cesspit, a sham, and with a dangerous administration in London, the mass media so called, have no shame in attempting to thwart democracy and the democratic process in Scotland. Scotland will be as well to ditch these propagandists post independence there are plenty of ways to access news and other programmes these days even and although the English cabal have control over broadcasting in Scotland.

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