When ‘psychopaths’ cry

Wheeled out to stand-in for the leader-in-hiding of the Scottish Conservatives and to hopefully soften the Boris-hard image and vote-losing, effects of Alister Jack, the unelected former leader, Baroness Davidson.

I’m not saying she is or she isn’t but those tears didn’t convince.

Here’s some research from the Australian National University in 2018:

“We found people with high levels of psychopathic traits don’t feel any worse for someone who is genuinely upset than someone who is faking it. They also seem to have problems telling if the upset is real or fake. As a result, they are not nearly as willing to help someone who is expressing genuine distress as most people are.”

Interestingly, these problems in responding to other peoples’ emotions seem to be just for people who are sad or afraid.

“For other emotions such as anger, disgust, and happy, high psychopathy individuals had no problems telling if someone was faking it. The results were very specific to expressions of distress.”



5 thoughts on “When ‘psychopaths’ cry

  1. I read the National version (Abbi Garton-Crosbie) of this (probably a direct copy as with the photo), not a single comment gave an ounce of credibility to this story.

    If this heartless individual has any real tears it is for the Tory Party she has worshipped slowly but surely self-destructing from within in England, and support in Scotland draining away ahead of local elections in May.

    Davidson’s self-promotion used to be assisted via pals in Scotland’s media, but appears to have taken on fresh national impetus of late as per this C4 piece, yet it’s not clear what her objectives are beyond a possible Bafta.
    Is her next move into English politics, or is she scheduled to replace the truly awful DRoss in Carlaw fashion ? Et tu Jackson…

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  2. I saw another interview about a week ago, when she seemed on the verge of tears, for no apparent reason.
    It could her private life is not going well, or her mental health problems are still an underlining issue.
    Such is her “attack-dog” persona, its difficult to feel any great sympathy, though like any human, she deserves our empathy.

    Whatever her problem, she should take a break from public life.

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  3. Maybe the waterworks are because she realises she may soon lose her peerage. I have the same empathy for her as she had for people affected by the bedroom tax, rape clause, food banks etc

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  4. Tears for the mismanagement of the pandemic. People dying unnecessarily. Tears for the wasted £Billions. Tears for the Tory corruption and mismanagement. Tears for Brexit. Tory crocodile tears.

    Another IndyRef on the way. The Westminster unelected corrupt institutions full of unionist sycophants lining their pockets with public monies that could be better spent. The Tory lying all the way. Liars always get found out.


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