Infection level plummets as Scottish Government measures work

I hope these regular updates are not an irritant but I know Scotland’s MSM have no interest in such news.

The infection level (211) in N Ireland is now pushing 4 times that in Scotland (58). 4 times higher! There’s not a mention by BBC Northern Ireland just a flat account of the numbers.

In England (151), it’s nearly 3 times higher. There’s not a word of this in UK MSM.

6 thoughts on “Infection level plummets as Scottish Government measures work

  1. Good news being no news, as always!

    Sir Keir Flagster visits Scotland to assert he will devolve “more powers” to Holyrood, when/if elected–(seen this script before).
    Our brave “journalists” could have asked:–
    What powers? How will he get it through both Houses? How will he win a majority? Why no referendum? What mandate will he claim in Scotland?

    But the Labour reality is that his minion in Scotland, Ian Murray, has asked the head of the UK civil service to prevent the Scottish civil service carrying out its NORMAL duties on behalf of our elected government—THAT is the reality of where Labour is.

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  2. Glad to see you’re back Prof. Please stop using FT’s graphs of uk cases. They are missing half the positives from Scotland and Wales since for some unknown reason uk gov figures don’t include devolved lft although they are included for England. Check Scotland cases v scotgov daily figure if you don’t believe me. Detractors will no doubt use this to accuse SG of a cover-up if they can.


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