Unvaccinated NHS ENGLAND staff to cross the border?

All healthcare workers in England must have a first Covid jab by 3 February and be fully vaccinated by 1 April.

But some have told BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat they are hoping for a third option: finding work across the borders, where vaccination is not compulsory.


There’s not a word in this of just why vaccinations are not mandatory across the borders with England. With that usual combination of ignorance and entitlement, the BBC does not ask the obvious question.

You know the answer already.

Thanks to multiple factors such as better political leadership taking the country with them and, to some extent, a more communitarian society, voluntary uptake in Scotland has been high enough to make mandatory requirements unnecessary.

4 thoughts on “Unvaccinated NHS ENGLAND staff to cross the border?

  1. Never mind ”compulsory vaccinations ” – many English NHS workers would probably appreciate working for a Public National Health Service rather than the piecemeal Privatised English system !
    Welcome , one and all !

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    1. Sorry, meant to add – if any staff do consider moving to Scotland, their presence would be most appreciated in the Highlands and Islands, but that would mean a wholesale relocation. If staff were to move to Wales, many could commute from their homes in England.


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