Scotland’s emergency departments significantly faster in January!

Humza Yousaf requests military assistance for NHS boards stretched by  pandemic
Our ‘chaps’ in Dundee are ‘greased lightning’ compared to to some you’ve you’ve seen in the PMs seat?’

In the week-ending 16 January 2022, NHS Scotland’s A&E departments saw 74.9% within 4 hours, up from a glitch in the previous week when they only saw 67.4%.

NHS Tayside did 94.2%.

In the PM’s local health trust, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust it was only 54.1% and that was up from November!

5 thoughts on “Scotland’s emergency departments significantly faster in January!

  1. John
    Tut Tut
    You know full well that everything Boris does
    Is 1st class World best and if not then at least World leading
    How one can possibly doubt the honesty of any report whether directly or associated with our Great Emperor ?
    So in this instance one can only presume that 54.1 % is a gross error or a misprint
    It would be most fitting to amend to read
    99.99999998 %
    The 0.0000002% no doubt a administrative error
    A full public judge led enquiry should be set up to firmly establish that indeed gross errors of the highest order were made , defaming and bringing into disrepute the honour and honesty of our
    Great Leader
    This reply was only undertaken after consulting with Jacob Rees Mogg
    And I assure all that such is indeed honest

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  2. Entertainment used to be “Emergency Ward 10”.
    Now we have Emergency Ward 10–Downing Street.

    It tonight’s episode we have Dr Boris von Pfeffel off to the East to cure the “Russian disease” afflicting the poor Ukrainians. Many think the cause of the “Russian disease” is the vast quantity of dirty Putin roubles washing round old London town. But Dr Boris cannot see this without a magnifying glass.

    Meanwhile the poor UK-nians are left to suffer from Torymania, a condition which debilitates the further north you live.
    Dr Sturgeon has an easy cure for that, however.

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    1. I’m hoping he’ll be kept quiet and well away from contentious topics. Let’s not forget what Boris’s “diplomacy” did for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. He mustn’t be allowed to stumble and bumble into similar indiscretions in an international crisis like the powderkeg in Ukraine.

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      1. The attention to this and distraction from the corrupt cabal in London is so predictable but nevertheless scary. Russia, Johnson and a country trying to preserve it’s sovereignty, what could possibly go wrong. Terrifying.

        A good site to look at and see what the winds are doing in your area. You can check the temp etc as well, by clicking on ‘Earth’. I tend to be focussed in on Scotland, surprisingly! 🙂,58.97,1589/loc=-3.355,56.035

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  3. O/T.
    Have just heard Ben Wallace spouting off about sovereignty regarding Baltic countries and not being ruled by strong neighbours as they are nations in their on right,a pity his country Englander denies our nation Scotland to choose our right……something along that line anyway.

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