Scotland ‘out-of-line’ with rest of UK as Omicron’s fall continues

Only UK data are used in this extensive report but you knew that anyway.

Here are some:

Scotland’s MSM are, of course, looking at other things such as ‘failed pollution targets’, and one woman’s parking problems.

But as you can see clearly above, Scotland has the lowest infection rate, it’s half that in England and less than a third that in Northern Ireland and it’s still falling even though it gets harder to do so as you reach a low level.

Why is this? Better Scottish government management of the pandemic? If not why not?

Is this in the public interest at all?

How does Nick answer his question? He doesn’t directly, of course but the message from the expert quotes is that we’re all going to get it, that France and the Netherland have higher levels despite its stringent measures and there’s maybe a little glee in this:

And this combination of the virus becoming almost unstoppable but also less severe means even those who once advocated a Zero-Covid approach, such as Edinburgh University’s Prof Devi Sridhar, accept it is time to change tactics.
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24 thoughts on “Scotland ‘out-of-line’ with rest of UK as Omicron’s fall continues

  1. Sorry Prof but it’s not that good. UK data is not including Scotland and Wales lft positive cases. It IS including England lfts. UK gov reported cases for Scotland is only pcrs. Scot gov reported cases includes lfts which are now the majority reported.
    Just waiting for someone to accuse SG of a cover-up regarding UK cases.
    Good news is ons puts us at 1/30 better than 1/20 for England.


      1. England total does include substantial LFDs:

        Date PCR. LFD + PCR . LFD only , All cases

        28-01-2022 22,264 3,151 34,184 59,599

        Scotland total only PCRs


  2. Good to have you back, John. We all miss your “voice” and wisdom.

    “Scotland out of line”.
    Tut, tut—-stand in the corner, Scotland.

    Of course, we are aware that “Good News” for Scotland is no news at all for the “Scottish” media.
    Context, perspective, corroboration—all foreign concepts to the type of journalism employed in this small country.
    Its a shame, because I remember the quality of the press when I was young—and the BBC earned respect, not a shake of the head.

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  3. Scotland today were 6,185 new cases of COVID-19 reported. Please note that as of 13 January 2022, this figure includes cases identified using either a first LFD (lateral flow device) or PCR (polymerase chain reaction) positive test

    There are about 125000 Scots for whom vaccination may not be effective against severe disease or worse.

    Comparing hospitalisation and deaths against high case numbers means little to them.
    SG should be issuing them with N95 masks while they relax mitigations and pushing mhra for approval of evusheld prophilaxis made by az approved and offered in usa.

    6000 cases / day imho is not a low level.
    These are only the reported ones. Ons estimates ca. 20000 / day.


  4. Aye, but Nick Triggle as ever is toeing the official line which has never been about reality but what is favoured by the news managers attached to #10.

    Aside the poisonous propaganda war of the Scotland Office and Pacific Quay locally, I seriously doubt many Scots believe a word from the BBC any more.
    The continuing farce at Dover is prize case in point, they continue to bury stories which are relevant but which are only heard of via secondary channels.

    The only comparative the vast majority of Scots trust is where we are from week to week on our own figures as regularly broadcast by SG, and the advice given from SG on how to to best control our situation.

    The most telling of Triggle’s bias shows in your final quotation from him where he has a pop at Sridhar alone, as if SG’s many advisers are not scrutinising every single piece of data or evidence, and remain somehow deluded.
    Popular in parts of the south I expect….

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    1. Hate to say that Triggle is right re Devi. She has certainly moved in the endemic/let it rip direction which I suppose is fine for successfully vaxxed


      1. I don’t think ProfvSridhar has moved to a ‘let it rip’ position. Her recent Guardian article was certainly an odd one. It seemed like a rushed, cut and paste job that came seemed to be in two halves and as many have pointed out she failed to mention Long Covid. Whether this was an oversight or the result of having to write to a word/space limit who knows.

        The amount of stick she gets from the likes of the Hart Group and its fellow travellers as well as from politicians because of her position as an adviser, one of many, to the SG must be wearing. For example, her position in favour of vaccinating children has lead to accusations of the foulest type.

        She recently, Saturday, gave an interview to ABC radio in Australia. Here is a link to it, worth a listen then decide if she is for letting it rip.

        Good to have you back.

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        1. OK “Let it rip” a bit strong but she has nothing to reassure the immunosuppressed. She’s content to let it spread as long as vaccine prevents serious illness for most. Current approach for antivirals in Scotland is get symptoms get pcr then get antivirals within 5 days if you can. I feel she’s now abandoned those at highest risk.


          1. Sorry Alex but must totally disagree – I listened to the Oz piece and Sridhar made it clear that though a strategy of vaccines and treatments would suit the general population, there were categories of people who required higher degrees of protection than this could afford, and for whom different strategies applied.

            The immunosuppressed may not grab the media headlines (also roundly criticised), but your impression of having been abandoned by the experts and authorities is far removed from reality.

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            1. I’m back to let it rip while the newly vulnerable thanks to covid stay at home until alternative higher degrees of protection such as prophilactic antibodies are available for those “categories of people “.


                  1. If you use them as a prophylactic – that is giving them to every person who is sheilding you are very likely to very quickly blunt their effectiveness. If the person has a positive PCR then the antivirals will reduce/eliminate the viral load and thus reduce the severity of the effects of the virus. This would be especially important in those sheilding who cannot get vaccinated or whose response to vaccination falls short of the level required for good protection.


                    1. Prophylaxis will bring the shielded up to the same level as successfully vaccinated. Check out Evusheld. 2 jags 12 months protection licensed in USA Russia and Egypt to name 3.


  5. Thanks John, good to see you back.

    It would not matter a jot if Scotland had no cases of Omicron or any other variant of Covid, basically the media are determined that Scotland is either worse or at least the same as England and that is the way they will continue to report this.
    Scotland can never be doing better, in anything and everything.

    I spotted this via wordpress, an account I follow to keep up with the gen on who’s saying what about the SNP etc.

    ‘The start of a concerted campaign’ against the SNP/ScotGov. Sounds sinister and, I suspect some of what they are demanding is not really within the Scottish governments’ powers. Are the RMT union a UK/England HQ’d Labour unionist union?

    Labour are attempting to woo Scotland (again) right now, so this fits in very nicely with their wooing, put the boot in, propagandise, utilise any means available, disrupt the daily lives of people, and con the workers, and mostly, manufacture discontent, or at least discontent with the wrong people, and Bob’s your uncle!

    I smell something not very nice.

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  6. Death rate much lower. People are not so ill as before. Things are going back to ‘normal’. Not so much affect to mental health and isolation. People are coping better in their lives. Wellbeing improving. Much more to look forward. Especially to another IndyRef and the Tories being kicked out forever.

    Westminster behaviour and governance is completely and utterly appalling. The gross mismanagement of the pandemic and Brexit. The corruption and lies an appalling testimonial. Complete incompetence leading to unnecessary death. Irresponsible criminal behaviour. Where will it end in the Courts, if there is any justice. One rule for some, one rule for others.

    The Tory/unionists break the rules that they make. Wasting and misappropriating £Billions of public monies. The only reason they seek public office is to line their own pockets. An absolute disgrace. They will pay at the Ballot Box before it is too late. Too late for some. Unfortunately gone.

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