Clear proof that Scottish Government’s Covid measures worked

Infection rates for this variant of Covid were as great here as in any other part of the UK.

As Scotland’s Covid infection level fell again to the lowest in the UK, the Conservatives are allowed to repeat inaccurate statistics, lies really, by BBC Scotland, unchallenged.

In a trail going back to early in the month, the confirmed recorded data are ignored.

You can see that after a period of lower infections in Scotland from October 2021, the Scottish Government, in mid-December, could see that the level was climbing sharply and put in place stricter measures than in England.

They worked.

By January 5th the numbers were peaking in both countries but only 5 days later, the rate in Scotland began to fall lower and is now132% higher in England (147 per 100K) than in Scotland (63 per 100K).

What do these numbers mean in the context of Scotland’s 5.44 million population? In the last 24 hours alone 788 fewer cases and thousand fewer in the preceding days.


39 thoughts on “Clear proof that Scottish Government’s Covid measures worked

  1. Aye, even Sophie Raworth was trying the same “1 in 20” line on in the BBC’s Sunday Show, but the FM was ready for it and in top form.

    The BBC are desperate to prove additional measures imposed by SG made no difference, and that businesses have suffered as a consequence – It was as nakedly political an agenda as BBC Scotland platforming the infamous Stephen Montgomery “Hospitality Group”, only in this it was the “Night-time Industries” which was the “victim”.

    Instead of curiosity over what Scotland has done differently to get better results, it’s as Marr with his cherry-picking of exceptions, Scotland cannot be seen to have done better, London/UK has to be the winner.

    Slightly OT, on an Irish site I follow they were recently having a good old laugh at the UK’s historic obsession over being the winners, posting clippings from recent times of the Boxer from Castlecomer, the Jockey from Kildare etc. etc., all being paraded in the UK as proud British (when they won).
    It’s a hard habit for them to break…

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    1. I noticed too that the FM managed to mention the recent poll that showed that 63% of people in Scotland approved of the measures taken by the SG. Landed like a lead balloon in the studio.

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  2. OT – I note the BBC Scotland and Politics webpages promoting “Covid in Scotland: Nightclubs return as restrictions eased”.
    A bizarre unattributed piece (Scotland Office ?), simultaneously attacking the continuing Vaccine Passport scheme (despite it “having decimated business”), and implying nightclubs had been closed and could now suddenly due to recent changes 🙄 ….
    No comments open as yet, probably waiting on the Basingstoke keyboard warriors to waken up or come on shift..

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  3. Juan on the BEEB.
    What could we expect but lies and bluster, unchallenged.
    Who will fall first? DRossie or Boris?

    Where will the soorploom-faced BEEB Scotlies staff find work when their p45’s comes through the letterbox?

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    1. gavunochiltree
      You ask as to where they will find work
      When their ABC ( BBC Scotland ) issue them the P45
      The same as there quisling compatriots
      Who supported The Soviet Union in Poland , during their struggles to throw off the Masters Yoke
      And those jobs were strictly limited to the most menial but necessary tasks of
      Cleaning public toilets or stacking supermarket shelves
      Not one of them have or ever have found employment in any form of journalism
      Revenge is always best served COLD

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  4. Yes Scotland had 20% fewer cases according to ONS Survey which I believe is more accurate now than recorded cases.

    FT graphs are based on UK gov figures which currently are not reporting Scotland & possibly Wales LFTs. Most cases in Scotland are now LFT. We can’t now use the UK gov site for meaningful comparisons

    When LFTs are included the figures are not very different. England has reported shortages of LFDs so I suspect this accounts for apparently lower figures.

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    1. It’s questionable whether any data coming out from England has been correct with regard to infection rates and even deaths from Covid19. They use a different methodology to Scotland and have done so throughout the pandemic.

      I ordered a pack of LFT’s recently they arrived (sent from within Scotland) next day, the UKGov sent an email reminding me I’d ordered them and seemed to be going on the idea it had been delayed.

      The politicisiation of the pandemic by the EngGov and their compliant media, the BBC et al is a disgrace and it’s absolutely clear they wanted Scotland to really suffer great loss on so many levels, lives, business etc. Then they could have called for the ousting of the FM and moved in a BritNat ‘administration’ to save Scotland from the
      incompetence of the SNP. It has not worked out quite as they had wished for has it.

      O/T sort of.

      The Times are accusing Believe in Scotland of being involved in ‘dark money’ for their campaigns. Looks like Jackey Baillie has been quoted in their headline/fabrications.

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      1. And who would like “Dark Money” to be deflected ?
        I’m certain this is a Tory initiative, but it surely demonstrates the effect BiS is having on discussions that they attempt to take BiS down.
        What I didn’t realise until I looked at the Times page was that Sir Laudunum, the great Sneeze “Ach-Hugh”, had funneled finance to yet SiU offshoot “Scotland Matters”, “dark money” indeed..

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  5. Certainly case data is purely voluntary and UK gov desire to minimise will have an effect on self reporting. Ons figures collected from random participant swabs are at least 5x the reported cases.


  6. I wonder if any would confirm what I think I’m seeing – The earlier ““Covid in Scotland: Nightclubs return as restrictions eased” article I highlighted seemed to have disappeared so I went looking how far it had been demoted, NADA…

    However, in prime promotion spot is a new article at barely an hour old “Covid in Scotland: Easing of restrictions ‘a significant moment'” with comments open, which beneath the veneer appears to be much the same article as 4 hours before…
    I’m betting the Scotland Office spooks are glad the Tardis is on permanent loan to BBC Scotland…

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  7. The root of the problem is that the English establishment view Scotland in the same way as the Putin regime views Belarus and Ukraine.
    Possessions of Greater England/Russia to be controlled from the centre by any means necessary.
    Start with placemen and media propaganda and if that fails……

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  8. The Tory comes across as a loud mouth bully. Bidding to promote himself. The next lying Tory leader pushing the linesman out of the way. They just cannot help themselves. No talent, low lives. They cannot count or read a balance sheet.

    Elected to an Institution they want to destroy. For ill gotten remuneration. Wasting bad misappropriate public money. No wonder no one votes for them in Scotland. They voted Labour to keep them out. Now they can vote SNP for better governance. Or vote for Independence soon. To get rid of the whole shebang of cheating, sleekit liars who think they are above the Law and are killing thousands,

    The poxy US/UK War. Trying to divert attention from their mess at home. The phoney war machine springs into action. Trying to kill even more. The US war warmongering complex. Military spend $740Billion. The highest in the world. Nearly a 1/3 of all world spend.

    People are starving and dying in the world. To fund the £Billionaires aided by corrupt greedy politicians. They think they will get away with it. One rule for them one rule for others. Murdering, lying hypocrites. They will get voted out. Especially in Westminster. A cabel of cheating lying crooks. Most of them should be in jail. Not getting ‘honours’. The house of cards is falling down. What an absolute shambolic mess. Two years to go. Not much longer to wait.


    1. The cabal at the helm at Westminster are a law unto themselves, it, they could hardly be more corrupt. The house of commons, so called, will not ‘fall’. Two years to a GE means little to Scotland because the people of Scotland want and more essentially, need to be independent before England decides which hue of a party Scotland should be ruled over by again.

      People are going hungry in the UK, due to the greedy uncaring, far right wing in London’s government. The destruction of society, peoples’ lives, communities, the eceonomy in terms of those who have little opportunity of doing anything other than living hand to mouth, nothing more, is quite deliberate. I hear that unemployment will in the not too disitant future go sky high, because, the cabal at WM are wrecking the UK/Eng/Scottish/ Welsh economies, and how very convenient. A ready army of young men and women, to fight in wars, work in arms factories, pick fruit and veg in the soon to be MEGA farms, slaughter animals for ‘meat’, and such things, and all because of England’s hard BREXIT. It could hardly be worse looking at the future, while still shackled to a destructive, backward looking isolationsist dangerous cabal in London.

      Scotland will not survive past another GE, or rather, it will not fare well as a country, with a good outward looking cultural identity, and semi autonomous system of government it has enjoyed for a couple of decades, lets remember it was basically taken over and occupied by the English rich long ago but not so long that people should forget.

      Scotland has a choice, independent and outward looking, and therefore INTERNATIONALIST, or, an INSULAR inward looking unequal dystopian ‘part of England’. Might I be all hippy and add, a peaceful country as well.
      I was thinking the other day, the word PEACE seems to have been off the humans’ radar for a bit too long. Our close neighbour would embrace a war of some sort, and Scotland would be lumped in like it or not.
      NO thanks. I will list all the things I will say NO to re, another indy ref, when I have time. Let’s claim the narratives of YES and NO next time?

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  9. The big Downing Street attempt to cover up. Now involving the Police. What a disgusting mess. Beyond belief. They should all resign and have an Election. The rabble just keep on caring on their illegal pursuits.

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    1. About to post the same question.

      On the subject of doing better – I see the head of the ONS has backed up Ms Sturgeon’s use/interpretation of the statistics which showed Scotland, plus restrictions, doing better than England without them.

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  10. On BBC Reporting Scotland this evening (25th January) there was a mention – albeit briefly – of improved NHS Scotland’s A&E waiting times performance!

    Is this a record, a first ever acknowledgement of a positive on this matter? Attributable to relentless TuS coverage of the issue?

    Of course no accompanying perspective – nothing shared with the BBC audience on whether the present performance in Scotland is good or bad, better or worse than performances of NHS A&E elsewhere in the UK. Perhaps because in Scotland it’s (still) better!

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    1. I noticed that too as well as the deafening silence on the ONS backing up the FM’s interpretation of the statistics. Amazingly the Herald actually posted a clip of Ms Sturgeon taking Willie Rennie apart on the issue today.

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  11. I see the latest Scotland Office… sorry.. BBC Scotland web article “Scotland’s work from home guidance to be relaxed next week” at 2 hours old is nothing short of a miracle at 1346 comments with the first comment at 1533, now 5 hours ago…

    Presumably the Basingstoke keyboard brigade on contract borrowed the BBC’s Tardis again… 🙄

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  12. The US have offered to sell Europe US Gas. The reason for their poxy war.

    US military spend $740Billions. The highest pro rata. Nearly 1/3 of all world spend. People are starving and being killed. Europe paying for more death and destruction. Topping up the US military machine.

    The EU founded after WW2 to stop war anc starvation in Europe. The US Marshall Plan. Paying off the US debt took 50 years. The US military machine being paid off by others.

    Fracked US Gas is imported through Grangemouth.

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  13. I saw a report in the Herald I think suggesting that Willie Rennie is still running with the FM/ONS data. Now suggesting the FM was ‘selective. Aw bless.

    Latest Covid data from ONS:
    “”Early estimates for the week ending 22 January 2022 show the trend in people testing positive in Northern Ireland was uncertain.

    An estimated 96,500 people in Northern Ireland had COVID-19 equating to around 1 in 20 people.

    Estimates for the other devolved nations in the UK in the week ending 22 January 2022:

    England – an estimated 2,629,400 people had COVID-19, equating to around 1 in 20 people.
    Wales – an estimated 99,500 people had COVID-19, equating to around 1 in 30 people.
    Scotland – an estimated 163,600 people had COVID-19, equating to around 1 in 30 people.””

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  14. Hi John
    Haven’t received anything since 24th Jan.. Help! Joe Killman

    Talking-up Scotland wrote:

    johnrobertson834 posted: ” Infection rates for this variant of Covid were as great here as in any other part of the UK. As Scotland’s Covid infection level fell again to the lowest in the UK, the Conservatives are allowed to repeat inaccurate statistics, lies really, by BBC”

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      1. I hope I haven’t put my bloody foot in it. Not having had a post from John for a few days I sent the above message. Anyone have any news? Apologies John.


  15. Another whitewash Tory Westminster Report. Even more corruption between the Met and the Westminster Tories to try to cover up. An absolute disgrace. £Billions being misappropriated and wasted. A complete bunch of wasters.

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  16. BBC Radio based on Scotland @6pm “7Days To Happiness”

    we are looking at the connection between politics and happiness.

    why we have to rethink what political participation means

    people vote because they are happy
    they are not happy because they vote . . . (voting doesn’t make you happy”

    volunteering at a foodbank makes you happier than voting.

    Alex Bell ex advisor to Salmond , given major part.

    Charan Gill went from being about to stand as a Labour MP.
    he’s stopped reading newspapers , listenning to the news.
    it wont make a difference to him gets into power. Im not disillusioned
    with politics. . . .

    straight after the football. . . . hoping they have a captive audience. . .

    This is operation voter suppression starting up.

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    1. forgot to add. . . programme ended up with an attempt to input suggestions into listeners heads. . . . presenter put on a very relaxed voice, suggesting the audience should consider what they would like to achieve (politically) . . . . none of the suggestions would lead to working for Independence.


  17. The UK is one of the most unequal places in the world. The inequalities and division.

    The most cohesive happy places in the world are where people are more equal. Less division between wealthy and poorer. A capitalist system but one where there is government intervention for fairness. They are the happiest most cohesive places in the world. Where people are more/most equal. With good education and healthcare systems. More equal opportunities, looking after people who need it. A caring humane administration.


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