50/50 from Savanta/Scotsman is good

The National understandably enthusing but sort of ignoring a 50/50 result despite Partygate.

However, looking at the polls going back to the beginning of 2021, Savanta Com Res often with the Scotsman stand out.

They report 1 Yes win, 9 No wins and 2 ties after the Ipsos MORI 9% win for Yes in November.

No other pollster is so good at finding NO wins.

In the same period, Panelbase had 4 Yes and 6 NO. Ipsos MORI had 3 Yes, 0 No and 1 Tie.

What’s going on? Sampling biases?

8 thoughts on “50/50 from Savanta/Scotsman is good

  1. Polling companies have been censured and fined many times for disreputable methodology. They are paid to manipulate the result. The piper pays the tune. They break data protection Law. They break electoral Law. They break purdah. They get the results wrong in tight margins. So hedge funds can bet on the result. They are paid £Millions so corrupt, corporate institutions and politicians can illegally make £Billions. Betting on the results on the stock market. Public monies misuse and abuse.

    The manipulated Brexit result. Farague came out with No. The Hedge Funds made vast, tax evaded profits. Everyone else pays for it. The cost of living going up. The standard of living going down. Brexit chaos. Those less able to have to pay for the corruption. The unequal wealth gap widens. The UK the most unequal place in the world. Non cohesive and unhappy. The happiest places in the world are more equal and cohesive.

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  2. I think 50/50 is good whatever the source Prof.

    You’ll know better than almost everyone that the MSM have churning out the Unionists’ narrative uninterrupted, seeing as you plough through it on our behalf. Mainstays of Indy activity have been hampered by the pandemic for two years.

    Getting the independence message out, against the MSM onslaught, was difficult at the best of times. Support holding steady, despite the difficulties, is a fairly good outcome. Not great, but it’ll do for now.

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  3. Savanta seem to have a rep for “boosting” Tory support.
    Their weighing system has also come under scrutiny.

    50/50% looks OK for independence, given their previous.

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    1. Aye, there are some disastrous tales finally leaking out beyond the news managers aka manipulators, this was I thought a fairly honest summary https://youtu.be/qNoTsjEyLgc of where we are and what’s coming down the road, the delivery of “sunny uplands” stuck forever at the back of the queue…

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    1. The proceeds acruing to the Scottish government from the recent auction has not gone unnoticed in Wales..


      “Petition seeks control of Wales’ Crown Estate land”

      It says

      “Mr Williams started an online petition after he discovered the Crown Estate in Scotland was devolved, and the Scottish government received its profits directly.”

      The article also says

      “Mr Hart (Secretary of State for Wales) told MPs in the House of Commons earlier this month there was not “any public interest or appetite” for altering the status quo.

      “Frankly, it is a case of, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’,” he added.”

      I wonder what Anas Sarwar and Douglas Ross have to say on the subject?

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  4. The polls on independence will never allow the Yes side to have anything but a very small percentage lead, no matter what the actual voters think or say. Thus the polls on Independence will always be roughly around the 50/50 mark. This is not just to manipulate the voting public but to also make it easier to fix the vote in any referendum (if we every get one). If we go in to a referendum with all the polls showing a 5% or 10% lead for Yes, it will be more difficult for the authorities to fix the vote without a huge backlash and possible enquires etc. They will keep it close so that secret ballot manipulation will be easier to hide and be believable to the public.

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