Lowest infection level since December 21st

There’s the above wee rounding-up reference to the data in the Herald and zilch from BBC Scotland, as they struggle for anything bad to say. They were happier then:

The media gaze turns away to Ian Murray and transfer news at Rangers. Surely Falkirk FC need an Azerbaijani or two?

From Scot Gov today at 2pm, with no qualifying asterisk indicating delays by UK Government test centres, there were 5 887 new cases in the last 24 hours.

This is down from 6 185 yesterday and a peak 20 217 on January 3rd, when opposition parties were gleefully announcing the failure of the Scot Gov measures.

There are now 1 206 people in hospital, down from 1 571 on January 19 Covid, 33 in ICU, down from 59 on January 12.


6 thoughts on “Lowest infection level since December 21st

  1. The ScotGov measures taken are the most they have been and are allowed to do really. If only more people would realise just what it means that Nicola Sturgeon has, within strict UK limits, managed to keep many people alive in Scotland by not following the disastrous, criminal, devil may care policy of the English government. It does not bare thinking about, had a branch office of any of the London parties been at the helm in Scotland over the past two years. It’s totally clear that they just do not care about the people of Scotland, nor about Scotland’s economy and wellbeing.

    The scary thing is, we are at the mercy of a far right wing English government, a cabal of very rich selfish entitled people who would sell their own granny to make a profit. To have ‘National insurance’ being hiked up to pay for the £billions upon £billions that they awarded to their pals for useless PPE etc, is utterly sickening. Taxing the workers even more, and we have RMT with their huge fancy expensive banners (I wonder who pays for them) blocking the road outside of Bute house today…when they should get themselves down to London to ‘protest’ at their terrible assault on the economy, on jobs and on their er, right to ‘protest’.

    People of England seem content with their lot mostly. I hope Scotland doesn’t fall for the Labour trap and their ‘concerted campaign’ against the SNP, the government that is democratically elected in Scotland by the people of Scotland. We all remember what Labour did last time they were at Holyrood and it was not good to say the least.

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  2. OT – “Brexit: EU laws overhaul will boost growth, vows Boris Johnson” as prime promotion piece in the Scotland/Politics webpage, 7 hours old with comments open, a BBC UK production so presumably Conservative HQ rather than a Scotland Office production for a change…

    It is amazing how absolutely nothing happens in Scotland’s politics for days if not weeks according to BBC Scotland’s silence, but when a row is brewing to eruption in Westminster, they always manage a Squirrel…. Same old HMS Sarah Smith….

    For information on Ian Blackford being kicked out of Westminster, see the Daily Mail… The English edition…

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    1. To Trump The Herald at being at the forefront of bringing to you any News of the utmost importance that impacts upon your lives
      But as The Lower end of Football as inhabitants such as Falkirk F.C. are vital
      I bring you Breaking news of the highest order
      Portobello Jubs Jubs have sacked their head coach

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  3. This evening’s Reporting Scotland, when giving its daily Covid update, failed when reporting case numbers to indicate whether the latest figure was up, down or the same as yesterday’s!

    For long now, it’s been bad enough that RS has failed to provide viewers with time series/ trend data: by contrast the BBC 1 6PM News has commonly provided viewers with graphs to put current Covid-related UK data into perspective.

    But now RS is no longer even giving a comparison with yesterday’s data for Scotland! A one off error of omission or BBC Scotland’s editorial policy?

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  4. The ‘news’ is full of the utter shambles of Westminster illegal corruption. Nothing eclipses that at the moment and for months to come. The complete corruption and affront of the illegalities. Beyond belief. Even with proxy wars there is no gett8ng away with it. There will not be for months until the Tories are gone.

    The preparation for Indy2 continues apace. The best thing on the horizon. People in Scotland, will have their say. Should they go or stay. The answer is obvious. Get rid of the corrupt cabel finally for ever. To make the world a better, more equal happier place. The evels of Westminster finally despatched.

    Most of Scotland has had a good education and passed the message on. Finally democracy will return. After 100 years. 1928. The corruption and illegality of the British State. The mismanage of the pandemic and Brexit should finally see the corruption of Westminster being sent off. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

    Greeting because they will lose their rights and honours to a sycophants of a sinking ship. Rats in a sack drowning in the stench of the sick. How low can they go before they are got rid. Liars always get found out.

    The public monies being wasted on private football clubs is a public disgrace. £Millions in debts going down the drain. A drain of corruption, illegality and lies. The Westminster appointed sycophants wasting public monies likevbefore. Once again a conspiracy of corruption and lies. The web they weave when they try to deceive. Liars always get found out. More Westminster unionist corruption. The appointees of the corrupt Westminster Gov.


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