Offshore jags: Employment law is reserved to UK Government

BBC Scotland STV Scotland both headline the supposed pressure on the Scottish Government to intervene with a Canadian company to reverse its mandatory vaccine requirement.

You have to read to the end of both reports to read this:

“Employment law is a reserved matter and the Scottish Government has no direct power to intervene in contractual issues between companies and their employees.”

5 thoughts on “Offshore jags: Employment law is reserved to UK Government

  1. You have to wonder why these news outlets would misdirect their audience???
    No, we don’t really.
    They are under orders from the Hi Jack bunker!
    Eat your heart out, Peoples Daily and Pravda.
    “Freedom of the press”—-hahahaha!

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  2. The ‘unions’ appear to have no idea about which powers are reserved to their lords and masters at Westminster. The ‘unions’ need to get an education, or just stop their faux rage at the SNP and do their damn job properly by calling out the English government for their anti worker policies.

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  3. Both reports are remarkably similar in wording, which suggests that they might be based on a press release from Unite. Neither report mentions whether the Unite officer who made the statement is based in Scotland or is a UK officer. Since there are gas fields off the coast of England, it is likely that the Canadian company has employees based on fields in English territorial waters.

    The most charitable explanation for the ‘call on the Scottish Government’ is that the union officer is unaware that the matter is not devolved.

    However, since both STV and BBC Scotland have published this and since both ought to be aware that the matter is not devolved – especially as they report this in their final paragraphs. Given the partiality of both broadcasters, I suspect it is a bit of ‘dogwhistling’ to imply that the SG is hostile to workers.

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  4. If in any doubt ( or even if NOT ) , never miss an opportunity to blame the Scottish Government for problems in Health , Justice, Business , Weather , the state of English Cricket , underwater volcanoes in the Pacific , the cost of living in Botswana , the lack of atmosphere in nightclubs on the Moon …

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