Not independent

Reporting Scotland’s Westminster Political Correspondent, David Porter, must be part-time given his 2-3 minutes per day, but still doesn’t know that civil servants are by very definition not independent.

Ms Sue Gray, second permanent secretary at the Cabinet Office, 40 years in Westminster, charged with telling Boris if he was at a party, is most definitely in with the bricks.

Despite that, David Porter tried to tell us she was independent.

Words fail.


6 thoughts on “Not independent

  1. Liar, distorter, establishment lackey, deceiver, lacking in professional pride, anything for a cozy life and a proud BBC Scotland reporter. Says it all. The trouble is most will not think and believe him.

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    1. Always regarded us as not being free till David Porter disappears to the spooks rest-home -“over to our Westminster Scottish correspondent “ useless,bland,irrelevant, as is the format of Politics Scotland.


  2. The BritNat compliant so called media of course rely on people believing their fabrications, anyone with an ounce of savvy knows that every single ‘civil servant’ employed by the English government, including the ones they install at the Scottish government, work for the English government. Far as I know they have to sign the OFA, official secrets act. Some of my family were in the ‘civil service’ as pen pushers, even they had to sign allegiance to the EngGov.

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  3. Civil servants are non-political functionaries, and I suggest most do abide strictly by the rules, and in that sense are independent.
    At the Sue Gray level however, where your function is to protect government officials in power, you can never be described as truly “independent”..

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