Free computers for schoolkids programme on track

So the ‘by the end of this session‘ missed from the Herald headline and, of course, a grasp of reality missing from the rest.

In August 2021:

Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has confirmed discussions with local government are underway to deliver the ambitious commitment, which will benefit 700,000 children.

Discussions with local government? Discussions within local government departments? Orders go out? Suppliers deliver? After 40 years in education, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear they’ve actually got some to deliver by this stage.

Seven months to go, all discussions done and orders placed. It’s all deliveries now and no real evidence for the Scotsman’s scare story.


2 thoughts on “Free computers for schoolkids programme on track

  1. The Herald would also be complaining that in the vaccine roll-out last year only the oldest year groups were done in the first months instead of 100% of the adult population !
    Similarly with the Booster jags – why wasn’t the whole eligible population done on day one ?
    SNP couldn’t organise a party at Bute House – unlike the PM !

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    1. Yes indeed, the SNP are good at keeping people alive where they are allowed to do so that is.
      All the English ScotsMAN has to do to find out anything about what the ScotGov are actually ‘delivering’ is to take a wee reckie at the SNP and/or ScotGovs’ website. Maybe the ‘ScotsMAN’ doesn’t have the internet or know how to use a computer…or maybe they are yet another BritNat propaganda tool of the British Nationalists in power at Westminster working to deny the people of Scotland their democratic right as well as gas light them. I mean a near majority of people voted SNP at the last election not so long ago, yet the SNP are harming them and killing their grannies and taking their ‘freedom’ away and just downright doing a bad job. According to the BritNat media operating in Scotland those voters were daft as brushes, hm hm.

      O/T. I bought a book, called ‘Scotland’s parliament’ (charity shop buy) produced by the ‘Scottish Office’ in 1997. Sigh. It’s A4 size, runs to a massive 43 pages, and cost ¬£6.50 to purchase back in 1997! Not even free to the people of Scotland.
      My oh my is it a wishy washy scrap of paper. The part about the EU is particularly hilarious! Just reading bits of it, the finances part is a joke of course. I guess someone more in tune than me should have this epic novel to peruse all of the 43 pages, it would’t take them very long! There’s a picture of Tony Bliar at the front as a bonus.

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