Irony and inaccuracy overload as Scottish Cons lead campaign to remove offending politicians

The PM does not seem to be a sex offender in the strictest sense, maybe a bit of a pest, but for numerous other reasons he should be ejected. The UK Cons seem to be backing off as I write.

But in Scotland, those courageous Con MSPs led by their leader, the hybrid MP/MSD, Douglas Ross are charging ahead with their bill to unseat MSPs convicted of a crime or who do not take part in their parliamentary duties.

Readers may remember that Derek Mackay was not charged with any crime and that Ruth Davidson was renowned for never fulfilling her duty to meet and assist constituents.

Anyhow who are the regular sex offender in UK politics? It’s the Cons!


As BBC Scotland headline the stupidity of a 42 year-old man, let’s remember how their Tory chums have long been a toxic presence.

Ironically, on 1 May 2018, the Sun gave us this short list from their Tory Dossier:

  • Michael Fallon resigned as Defence Secretary after admitting that he got “handsy” when he inappropriately touched the knee of journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer. Married father-of-two Mr Fallon admitted to The Sun he had touched Julia — but insisted he apologised over the incident 15 years ago and that both considered the matter closed. Julia said she did not feel like she was a victim of a sexual assault, and found the incident nothing more than “mildly amusing”.
  • Former Brexit minister Mark Garnier admitted calling his secretary “sugar t*ts” and taking her to buy him sex toys in Soho. Caroline Edmonson said Mr Garnier stood outside the shop and sent her in to buy sex aides for his wife and a member of his constituency staff. He did not deny the claims but told the Mail On Sunday the incidents were taken out of context. He was reported to the Cabinet Office and was later force out of the Cabinet in a reshuffle.
  • Former Cabinet Minister Stephen Crabb sent sexually explicit messages to a 19-year-old woman who applied to work in his Commons office. The 44-year-old husband and devout Christian admitted saying some “pretty outrageous things” after the interview. Mr Crabb had previously been caught sending messages to a woman around half his age describing a sex act he would like to perform on her.
  • Ex-Deputy PM Damian Green was accused of inappropriate behaviour towards a woman 30 years his junior. Kate Maltby, a Tory activist and academic, said he had made a pass on her in a bar – and flirted with her over texts. He denied the allegations, saying: “It is absolutely and completely untrue that I’ve ever made any sexual advances on Ms Maltby.” He also denied having signed up to extra-marital affair website Ashley Madison.  The 61-year-old was also rocked by a fresh scandal after it was police found pornography on his work computer when they raided his Parliamentary office. He was later sacked as May’s right-hand man.

A different kind of Dodgy Dossier or Dossier of the Dodgy?

Where are they now? Happily, back in fold of course.


More serious but ignored by the MSM, at the same time as an SNP MSP was exiled, over a humorous and at best, naive, tweet, we read in the Canary, on 21st June 2018:

‘On 18 June, two Conservative politicians were convicted of child sexual abuse. The jury at Swansea Crown Court found former mayor for Pembroke David Boswell guilty of raping a girl under the age of 10. On the same day, former mayor of Godalming Simon Thornton pleaded guilty to more than 20 child sex offenses.’

Finally, how does the Conservative Party in Scotland treat complainants? Well, behind doors, of course. See this in the Times on 2nd October 2018:

‘Ruth Davidson said the way her party deals with sexual harassment claims could change after recent criticism. Miles Briggs, the Lothian MSP, was cleared of sexual harassment at a hearing of the party’s disciplinary committee last week. Rape Crisis criticised the way the complaint was handled and called on the Scottish Conservatives to “urgently change their approach to investigating sexual harassment complaints”. At the time Ms Davidson, the party leader in Scotland, tweeted that she had “confidence in the robustness of the disciplinary process” but has now said that it may look at changing the way such allegations are handled. She told BBC radio’s Good Morning Scotland: “Complaints of sexual harassment are dealt within the same framework of other disciplinary procedures like bullying. It might be we have to separate that.”’

I’ve missed some.

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19 thoughts on “Irony and inaccuracy overload as Scottish Cons lead campaign to remove offending politicians

  1. One rule for the Tories.
    Another rule for the rest of us.

    Double-jobbing has now been banned for Northern Ireland.
    Lets ban it in Scotland as well–for ALL second jobs.
    Call it the Gulhane Amendment.

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    1. Oh Dear me John
      How can that possibly be
      After all Boris the Great reliably informed the CBI at the Pepa Pig conference
      That we had the best Internet in the World!


  2. As far as Tory misdemeanours globally,historically and currently, one word suffice to describe but if to list all in detail then a libary required to detail
    So here is the word
    P.S. it is not Welsh

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    1. Talking about moves to make the Union Stronger have you seen this?

      “Scotland’s Culture Secretary has hit out at the UK Government for what he described as a “ideologically-driven” attack on the BBC.”

      Scottish Government minister Angus Robertson has now also taken aim at Ms Dorries, calling on Holyrood’s Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee to lobby the UK Government over the issue.

      Mr Robertson also raised fears over the future of Channel 4 after reports emerged last year that the UK Government would privatise the station.

      “We need to be concerned about threats to the BBC and Channel 4 at the present time,” he told the committee on Thursday.

      Really appear to want to fight IndyRef2 with an arm and a leg tied behind their backs wearing a blindfold do the NuSNP!!

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    1. Oh Dear me John
      How can that possibly be
      After all Boris the Great reliably informed the CBI at the Pepa Pig conference
      That we had the best Internet in the World!

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    2. “Oh dear, whit can the matter be,
      Johns internet doon, tae Monday fae Saturday.
      We’ll no even ken if the worlds at an end,
      The colonial mejah’ll send us a’ roon the bend.
      We rely on oor John to send us the richt way.
      So get back online, John, right now, TODAY”!

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  3. I think we need a law to stop jailed sex offenders (Charlie Elphicke) bequeathing their safe Tory seats to their wives (The fragrant Nathalie).

    I think you’ve also forgotten that interesting list, drawn up by Tory staffers which appeared in Guido Fawkes some years ago which named 36 Tory MPs who ranged from sex pesting to use of male and female prostitutes and rape and sexual assaults.

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  4. The Tory list MSP’s do nothing but try to destroy the Scottish Parliament. They get elected to an institution they want to destroy. They are complete dishonest charlatans. The Tory unionists corruption and lying endlessly. With impunity.

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    1. What about the oath they take on starting the job? I know there’s stuff about the Queen etc but if there’s nothing about upholding the status and position of the Scottish Parliament, there should be. If all they do is try to undermine it, there should be a way of removing them,
      Unfortunately they are nearly all list MPs so that if one is forced to quit, the next in line gets the job automatically.


  5. Jaw on floor at these Tories’ brass necks. The ones at WM and Holyrood investigate themselves when they break the law, it’s getting really dystopian is this so called UK. As for the unwritten ‘constitution’ ie, no constitution, and the rope they are hoping to pull tigher around Scotland’s neck in order to keep taking the freebies like oil, gas, and even wind and water, (it’ll be the cleaner air in Scotland next!), using words like ‘respect’ and ‘co-operation’ while they ridicule Scotland’s elected (SNP) politicians at WM every damn day, is utterly laughable. Also, ‘union’ I thought the English government were more keen on their own English ‘sovereignty’ hence their catastrophic BREXIT. I think we can ask, what union? To which ‘union’ do they refer? Also, 21st century, lol, Rees Moggs types in power, HOL’s, no written constitution, keeping the poor, poor, zero hours contracts, laws which favour the rich, foodbanks etc etc. I see nothing 21st century at all about the Tories, Westminster and the political arena and system of the so called UK. I mean leaving people who are fleeing persecution to die in the Channel? So 21st century I’m sure!

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  6. Aberdeen CC illegal Labour/Tory administration. The Labour members supposed to be expelled from the Party. In with the Tories. Kept in power by a convicted Tory offender. Another two job Tory councillor and MSP keeps the corruption regime in power. Along with an elected Libdem who immediately became an Independent to go in with them. Unionist corruption.

    The corruption all around for higher remuneration. Committee places. Wasting public monies against the taxpayers wishes and interest.

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  7. With the unelected Juan, the Soundly Tory Bruce, and the (English?) Tory plant, QT managed to be even more ridiculous than usual.
    Fortunately, I got the impression the audience did not agree with his rant. Come on, Nicola, get us our independence asap, from this toxic, fleg-bedecked, union.

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