8 thoughts on “BBC Complaint on coverage of people with learning difficulties

  1. O/T but still on the BBC and its contrasting editorial decisions.

    On the BBC News website today at c. 11.10am one could find on the Scotland page this headline ‘Britain’s most dangerous roads’.

    Wales page – no sign of the ‘dangerous roads’ headline; NI page – no sign of this headline; England page – no sign of this headline; UK page – no sign of this headline.

    The link from the Scotland page is (just) to a promotional piece for an upcoming Panorama programme. Is there a differentiated message being given out here specifically for readers of BBC Scotland news?

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    1. Perhaps a filler piece to keep or push something else off the page ?
      I note the timing (as flexible as that is with this shower) matches that of the UntRuth “mental health” piece they’re promoting on both the main and Politics pages…

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    2. Having now watched the clip it takes a broad overview from people in unidentified places but presumably England dwelling on lack of manpower and shrinking budgets for 1:30, the last minute given over entirely to the A82, a dearth of speed cameras, and the fatal accident of a family of 4, complete with tearful parent and grandparent….
      Perhaps Pacific Quay did the editing….?

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      1. Freedom of Information responses on the issue of road. traffic accidents and casualties can be found on the Police Scotland website dating from December 2021. Of course one can’t know who submitted the FoI requests.

        I won’t be watching the Panorama programme but for anyone that does, from this FoI response (see Police Scotland ref. IM-FOI-2021-2660) plus other Police Scotland and Transport Scotland sources there are lots of data available to fact check the BBC’s output.

        (It was my first visit to the Police Scotland’s archive of FoI responses – amazed at the number of responses required each month!)

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  2. Scottish tax and revenues pays for all the welfare costs under the UK welfare benefit remit. It goes down and comes back. £16Billion average. Depending on unemployment rate. It is taken from the £66Billion raised in Scotland. The Block grant on average £30Billion. The rest £20Billion is spent by Westminster on behalf of Scotland. Much ends up supporting London S/E and the south. Mismanaged by poor, bad Westminster decisions. Not to the benefit of Scotland.

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    1. Even then much of Scotland’s revenues from resources in particular, are not counted into GERS, the real figure of how much the EngGov pockets for themselves from Scotland, will no doubt be much higher than the £60billion.

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