93% agree with Nadine Dorries and me on the BBC licence fee

This is not a very scientific survey but interesting. I took part in a UK-wide, self-selecting, YouGov ‘Daily Chat‘ today where they let you see graphs of the responses by others.

If there’s anything in this, it’s pretty bad for the supposedly loved Aunty Beeb.

Here’s another:

And another:

With regard to the door-stepping of non-payers:

There were only a few additional comments, but no defence there:

Source: https://www.yougov.chat/channels/daily-chat-uk/16766?recontact_id=26f51678-b62a-40bc-990d-a60c83357f60

2 thoughts on “93% agree with Nadine Dorries and me on the BBC licence fee

  1. The question about scrapping the British TV Licence fee is up to the bulk of license holders… However, to a growing number of Scottish people, It’s less important than questioning the Union! Is the so-called ‘Union’ honourably valid or NOT? Scottish TV licence holders are among the funders of The British Brainwashing Corporation!

    BBC? 🙃

    Really is the British Brainwashing Corporation
    So Scotland’s viewing people aught be aware of;
    However, Alba/Scotland has different intention:
    Scotland’s Independence being regained thereof!

    © Ewen A. Morrison


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