Scottish Labour leader forgives war criminal

In 2006, Professor Gilbert Burnham and three others, published in the Lancet an updated estimate of the official death toll in the Iraq War, of around 100 000. They suggested 601 000.

Labour Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, was an explicit ally of the US president, George Bush, who launched the campaign and was responsible for deceiving Parliament and the people of the UK as to the justification for the war.

Today in the Daily Record, the Scottish Labour leader, Anas Sarwar, says of Tony Blair:

“Knighthoods are not made by me. Clearly former prime ministers do get awarded knighthoods typically.

“And whilst I vociferously disagreed with Tony Blair on the Iraq war in particular, what we can’t deny is that we had a UK Labour government that did transform people’s lives here in the UK.

I’ve searched for any evidence of Sarwar speaking out against the Iraq war, ever. I see nothing. Half a million of his co-religionists dead at the hands of his party leader but some improvements in child poverty are enough to forgive him?

I was at the hundred thousand-strong protest march in Glasgow on Saturday 15th February. He was a 20 year-old student at the time.



8 thoughts on “Scottish Labour leader forgives war criminal

  1. Iraq War ?
    WMD – No

    Oil -yes
    1.At that time the World was consuming 2 million barrels a day more than could be produced
    2.Oil prices were soaring

    3.There was no quick fix as to increasing
    4.Prior Iraq war 2.Iraq was producing less than 1 Million / day
    5. Once Saddam overthrown, 1st act of new Iraq parliament ( US Puppets )
    They repealed The Act whereby that the oil & gas resources which belonged to the people and the state
    And replaced the Act with that the oil & gas resources went to the highest bidder
    Before ISIS became a very serious matter
    Iraq was pumping over 8 million barrels of oil a day, market price falling and stabilising
    Bush Family, Tony Blair and all their cohorts in the War, vastly increased their personal worth
    Bush and Blair were in full knowledge as to exactly why Iraq had to be invaded
    A place in Hell awaits their arrival

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    1. I’ve recounted this tale umpteen times, so here it is again…
      As part of the 2nd Iraq “adventure” I was sent in to Basrah to help organise WatSan projects before the locals rioted in searing heat and no water.

      Anyhow, one of the group once we were all located in offices in the old Palace grounds was a guy tracking oil production, which by then had settled into a steady flow at pre-war levels.
      When the “oil crisis” blew up in the news and prices began to shoot up in the UK, I asked if production had fallen, or had something happened we were unaware of and the answer was No, nothing had changed at all.
      ie – It was all a scam, and we watched it unfold nightly in TV reports.

      I’ve never looked at Tony Blair or Hilary Benn, or frankly any UK politician in a position of power as honest ever since.


  2. They have given the warmongering murderer a knighthood. So Brown, May and Cameron can get one. They intend to give every UK PM a knighthood. No matter what they do and who they kill, or how badly they manage the economy.

    Johnston has conceded Blair a knighthood do he will get one. The highest hypocrisy in the world. Criminal politicians who should be in jail rewarding each other and helping themselves. Wasting £Trns and killing millions. So they can line their pockets. They are not honourable. They are anything but. They break International Law with impunity and they are despised all over the world.

    How anyone can remain in a unionist political party except for personal gain, is a mystery. Condoning illegal killing and hardship for many. It would be more realistic to help improve the world. Not destroy it at every opportunity.

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  3. Weasel words from Labour, as usual. And on the media this morning telling L.B.J to resign, when they had a golden opportunity last month to get rid of him by voting with the Tory rebels in the debate to introduce Plan B in England.


  4. Mr Sarwar has – wilfully, I suspect – missed the point that the objection to the knighthood for Mr Blair is precisely because of the Iraq War. If he was ‘vociferously against’, as he claims, then he ought to oppose the knighthood.

    There is a wider question about the UK ‘honours’ system, in that it corrupt and does not give sufficient honour to those who genuinely deserve one. Being PM is a paid job, and, personally, I do not think anyone should be given an honour for doing what is her or his job.

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  5. Can’t think what Bliar did to deserve a ‘knighthood’ aside the fact it’s an antiquated outdated BritNat empire construct that Scotland should have no part of at all.
    I think the guilt if he has any, shows in every wrinkle on that mans face.

    Labour, when Blair was at the helm, tinkered at the edges of the welfare system, they reversed a bit of Thatcher’s destruction to communities, saved the NHS from her plot to sell it off lock, stock, and barrel, but, they didn’t really try to reduce terrible inequality or create properly paid jobs for people. I guess they were lucky to have Scotland’s massive oil wealth to play with as well, but, they made sure to deny Scotland the spoils of their own land and seas at the same time.

    Labour, red Tories and now, just Tories no matter how Sarwar tries to portray them.

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