Scotland’s hospitalisation rate 22% lower

On the 6th of December 2021, the hospitalisation rate in Scotland was pro rata the same as in England. Since then it has fallen to around 20% lower.

In the last 24 hours, there were 1 323 in Scottish hospitals compared to England, ten times the population, at 16 163, 22% lower. More than 200 Scots per day protected from infections that might hospitalise them.

What could be causing this? Better communication by leaders, stricter rules, greater compliance?

Imagine Scotland had greater hospital admissions, who would be to blame?

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6 thoughts on “Scotland’s hospitalisation rate 22% lower

  1. To reinforce the contrast: according to the UK government’s Covid Dashboard the numbers of COVID-19 patients in mechanical ventilation beds over the period 1 and 7 January, 2022 are as follows:

    England – daily number has ranged between 728 and 797 per day.

    Scotland – between 34 and 48 per day.

    Wales – between 33 an 40 per day (up to 6 January).

    Has BBC Scotland missed this further relatively good news from NHS Scotland’s hospitals?

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  2. Anyone for another good news story missed by BBC Scotland? The UK government Covid Dashboard publishes information on the percentage take up of Covid vaccines. It separates out statistics for first, second and third/booster doses. Here is a summary of the position at 7 January 2022:

    England 90.2%
    NI 87.9%
    Scotland 91.8%
    Wales 90.6%

    England 82.6%
    NI 81.4%
    Scotland 84.5%
    Wales 84.1%

    England 61.1%
    NI 54.1%
    Scotland 64.4%
    Wales 63.5%

    Now some of the differences are relatively small but there is a pattern is there not? On each measure, Scotland’s vaccination programme has presently the largest percentage take up.

    It’s not a competition of course – except with the virus – but one can imagine the media outcry if rankings were reversed!

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    1. It is not even if the rankings were reversed. If for some reason – delay in reporting data – and a datum for Scotland is on one day or week the lowest of the four countries, then the unionist media will highlight it. Remember the infamous Marr programme where he viciously attacked SG ministers on fatality rates, as a whole, based on the fact that for a sort period it was highest, even though over the course of the pandemic until then, only NI had a lower rate than Scotland and that the rate in England and Wales was more than 30% higher.

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  3. Although some time down the line
    Factor in cancelled Hospital appointments,ops & long covid
    All which has a very large disproportionate effect on each countries health and well being
    Then the knock on effect in productivity and economic growth
    Then ask your self who your money is on


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