Scottish Labour get idea four months after SNP suggest it.

In the Herald today:

LABOUR has suggested imposing a windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas producers – with the funding used to reduce household energy bills by an average of £200 to help solve the cost of living crisis.

The party’s £6.6 billion plan would include removing VAT on domestic energy bills for a whole year, as well as expanding and increasing the warm homes discount for those most at risk.

In the Press & Journal, 22 September 2021:

Stephen Flynn, SNP MP for Aberdeen South, called for UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak to tax the excess profits energy companies are making in the wake of the crisis.

He suggests the taxes raised should be spent on helping people hit the hardest by rising energy bills.

It comes as the wholesale price of oil and gas rose by 70% since August and 250% since the beginning of the year.

What next from Scottish Labour? A child benefit?


15 thoughts on “Scottish Labour get idea four months after SNP suggest it.


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    1. Labour, a busted flush in Scotland, their master, sometimes called a leader in London, are desperate to help their Tory pals out in doing everything they can to stop Scotland voting for independence. They have money and power behind them and will deploy their huge army of story tellers to lie, spin, mislead, make promises and then threaten Scotland’s people with war, famine and drought.

      Labour did nothing good or positive whatsoever for Scotland, in their TEN years at the helm at Holyrood, but they did send £billions back to Westminster saying ‘nowt to spend it on in Scotland’ (lol). They took women council workers to court in glasgow who just wanted equal pay, they plunged Scottish councils into £billions of ‘debt’ with their PFI scams and would do so again, a ‘debt’ still crippling councils across Scotland.

      We see you Labour Eng HQ, taking the people of Scotland for fools, hoping the people have very short memories.
      I just read their lying scheming 2014 ‘VOW’ again, my god was it a CON, a big fat CON, it said nothing of value, and the word gymnastics are a sight to behold. ‘Scotland will have control over how much they spend on the NHS’. They even said ‘because of the Barnett allocation (!) for resources and the powers of the Scottish goverment to raise revenue (!). Now how does a government banned by the English government from borrowing even a penny, raise revenue? Set up a crowd fund? Take from one pot to give to another which is what the SNP gov have to do to keep Scotland afloat. ‘Barnett’ is a huge con and joke on Scotland, the EngGov are laughing all the way to the bank on the back of Scotland.

      Lets make sure people are reminded of the utterly disgraceful cons and scams of the Labour party and how they are in bed with the Tories in some Scottish councils.
      Elephants never forget, the people of Scotland must be reminded constantly of Labours’ terrible destructive legacy to Scotland.

      Ps, Gordon Brown could have scrapped VAT on energy bills many years ago, he chose to reduce that disgraceful tax on the people, but made sure they kept paying 5% VAT on what is a human right and not a luxury item, now why did he do that.

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    2. Yes and I notice that the much vaunted levelling up UK scheme will not replace lost EU funding levels before 2025, if it ever does, says cynical me.


  2. “Labour has suggested…” is a familiar mechanism for getting headlines for a day, in this case pivoting on the extraordinary energy price increases the UK public are expected to bear solely due to Tory policy…

    This is why I’ve come to despise politics UK style, the days when Alister Campbell got away with such formulaic headline grabbers are long gone, if anything I find it hilarious seeing him on MSM debunking what others are doing because he scripted the original danse macabre.

    In the end it doesn’t matter a hoot who first suggested a windfall tax, the big company accountants will have been burying profits under a mountain of debt from the minute prices changed, it’s only the smaller players who might get caught out, created of course by the Tories.

    The greatest beneficiaries are of course HMG Treasury…

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  3. The Oil industry is charged 20% corporation tax + 10% supplementary. 30%. The UK Gov takes 50% of production. They could increase the supplementary but it could affect production. The UK Gov also gets corporation tax from the renewables industry on any profit. 20%.

    Scotland despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Pays more for fuel and energy.


    1. Gordon
      One of the Golden Rules of colonial capitalism is
      The Master always ensures that if the colonised are to pay for what is rightfully
      Then a hefty premium must be added to
      The going market price
      Such ensures a win win for the colonists
      Not believe me
      $ 74 trillion was plundered from India
      During British colonisation


  4. Decommissioning is tax free but the UK Gov has had £Billions from the Oil & Gas industry. It has to be done, Decommissioning produces jobs in the UK. Dundee etc,

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  5. They reduce the tax when the Oil price is low. Or production will fall. The UK Gov gets all the tax from petrol sales. VAT, NI, PAYE. etc.

    The revenues from renewables increased £3Billion. From tax revenues raised from £63Billion to £66Billion in Scotland. Plus the rest. Council tax etc.

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