Scottish Tories bemoan NO NHS critical incidents in Scotland

In the Guardian today:

Of England’s 137 NHS trusts, at least 24 have declared a critical incident, Shapps said, meaning they have reached an alert level signalling priority services may be under threat.

No Scottish health board has declared a critical incident though Dumfries and Galloway has a ‘surge plan’ to deal with staff shortages due to infection:

Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership (DGHSCP) director of strategic planning David Rowland said the system continued to face significant pressure.

“Throughout the pandemic, great effort has been made to ensure we have been able to respond to the direct challenges resulting from the virus, while continuing to preserve essential services,” he said.

“The surge plan which was developed in response to these anticipated pressures has proved invaluable, providing us with a system of planned responses.”

Local Tory MSP Oliver Mundell who resigned from their ‘front bench’ in 2020, after refusing to back measures restricting travel to England, is allegedly doing his best to persuade locals to get along to the A&E departments after a pub crawl in Carlisle.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Tories bemoan NO NHS critical incidents in Scotland

  1. Good Morning Scotland was trying to imply a similar crisis here with fuzzy references to Dumfries and Galloway and another hospital, whose name I cannot remember.

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  2. Prime Plonker.
    Hi David, My villa in Tuscany is a bit small, I’m thinking to add the big estate nest door onto it for partying. Can I send your name to my immo/architect, Vlad Oligarch?

    Lord Brownnose.
    Sorry for the delay, Baggy, I was walking next door’s Au Pair. Yes go ahead with Vlad. Only you&I will know where the £s come from.
    Thanks for the insider trading info—££££££ X 10 to be made.

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  3. Tories want England’s national anthem played daily by the BEEB—and in schools.

    Next up they will want a picture of Kim Boris-un hanging in every living room and street corner.
    Then a Loyalty Oath.
    Then children will have to pledge to the flag.
    Boris Youth Brigades.
    Free holiday in Bognor for clypin’.
    Round up the French and the Jocks.

    Welcome to Brexit Blighty.

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  4. As if we need reminding, D&G is the most vulnerable areas of the NHS in Scotland in terms of resources, yet helped out Cumbria when it came to it.

    Bluntly, England’s NHS is in deep trouble, and there is only so much Scotland can do to limit the effects on it’s own, all because of political dogma and arrogance.

    OT It’s worth listening to Gulhane’s shrinking sphincter as he makes a complete plonker of himself for the second time in a week….
    I’ve no idea who the Irish interviewer is but hat doffed for his persistence and grasp of the facts, a rarity on the BBC in Scotland…

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